This drill offers a fresh way to work on this fundamental skill: ball-handling.

Great ball-handling is absolutely crucial. Upping your team’s ball-handling skills gives you the flexibility to trust any player on the court at any given time - it’s the difference between an average team going through the motions and an amazing squad pulling ahead early. The latest installment in our PGC Basketball drill series offers a fresh way to work on this fundamental skill.

Ladder Ball-Handling

As your players move through this workout, they’ll face three varying levels of difficulty:

  • Level 1: Two Feet In
  • Level 2: The Ickey Shuffle
  • Level 3: The Scissor Step

This drill’s main focuses is ball-handling, but it also provides athletes a great opportunity to work on footwork.

It’s important to make sure that every player is pushing themselves, regardless of what level they’re running - that could mean jumping to the next level, upping the pace, or demanding more power in the dribble.

Training just outside an athlete’s comfort zone will push them toward breakthrough performances. Soon enough, the initial adjustments will start to feel slow, and players will be well-prepared for game speeds.

As with all the drills in this series, we’d love your feedback! Comment below to let us know what you thought of Ladder Ball Handling. For additional training tips and videos from PGC Basketball, visit their YouTube channel or find them on Facebook and Twitter.