This installment teaches multiple ways to attack ball screen defense.

Ball screens are all over basketball today. As often as your team uses them, it’s also working against them. The fifth installment in our series with PGC Basketball teaches multiple ways to attack the ball screen defense, with a drill so quick and easy, you’ll have it implemented in no time.

It’s crucial for players to make good reads against various ball screen defenses, but too often, teams run these screens without training the ball handler to make better reads. That’s where our latest exercise comes in.

Ball Screen Reads

There are two things to focus on with every rep of this drill:

  • Head up, for good vision of the floor
  • Changing speeds according to how the defense plays

If the ball handler reads the defense but can’t see his or her teammates, they could end up missing big opportunities. Changing pace is crucial, too – sometimes you attack the defense, other times the defense should be allowed to make a mistake of its own.

Ideally, you’ll start this workout with cones or chairs in place of an actual defense. As you progress, you can use one defender, followed by a simple 2-on-2 game.

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