The New Jersey soccer club has added Hudl as an additional resource to help their players reach their full potential.

Meraki FC, a youth soccer club based in Morristown, New Jersey, is partnering with Hudl this season to give their coaches deeper insight into how their players perform.

Anthony Flores founded Meraki FC after coaching for 10 years at the academy, collegiate and professional level. But he found building the character of the player, not just the talent, was the biggest piece missing in player development in the United States. This inspired him to create Meraki FC.

“The first time I connected with Anthony Flores, founder and director of coaching at Meraki FC, it was very apparent that he wants the absolute best for his players and coaching staff,” Brandon Videtich, club soccer representative at Hudl, said. “Development is front of mind for Anthony and I couldn't be more excited to be working with Meraki FC. He has created a great learning environment at the club with a solid player development process already in place.  Hudl's tools, paired with Anthony's extensive soccer and educational background will ensure Meraki FC is at the top for many years to come.”

With Hudl, Meraki FC can review video from past matches to zero in on what went right and what went wrong. Coaches can make playlists with comments and drawings to point out certain areas that need attention, such as set pieces and breakaways, to help players improve. During or after the game, coaches can add team and player stats to analyze, leading to valuable insights. Hudl users can watch video anytime, from anywhere.

“In terms of Hudl, I’ve been around the world. I can tell you from some of the best coaches around the world that game analysis, breaking down film is one of the most useful, educational tools that tend to be the most effective way that all players from all ages can learn from,” Flores said. “Having the accessibility without hurting your pocket was something that clubs, including myself, are very excited about. Having the accessibility to have an economical purchase that has the same bite and the same sting, that’s very useful for our club in particular.

"A kid came up to me the other day and said, ‘coach you’re devoted.’ And I said ‘Why do you say that?’ He’s like, ‘I’ve never had a coach show me film on me.’ Now granted this kid isn’t an academy player, but to give that kid five seconds of breaking down, giving a little animation on the film of him and sending it off to his parents—it’s just definitely gonna motivate him more to continue to play and improve.”

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