The high school sports landscape is shifting. Athletes are balancing more priorities than ever, like NIL opportunities, social media, and club and AAU teams with their busy extracurricular schedules. It’s the same story for you. Athletic directors have a ton to manage at any given moment—including building excitement around their programs in this changing environment. 

Another shift is in the way fans follow their favorite teams. With more access to information but less time than ever, people stay connected to their favorite things in different ways—including sports. So when they can’t be at the game, the modern fan expects to know how it went. 

Knowing the final score is great. But it’s not enough. Picture how fans keep up with their favorite professional teams. They don’t only want to see who won and lost—they want to watch highlights, see their favorite player's stats and catch the end of the game from wherever they are. It’s time to bring this enhanced level of connection to high school athletics.

Introducing the Fan Engagement Suite

We built the Fan Engagement Suite to give fans everything they need to connect with your program on gameday and beyond. And we made it simple for you to operate. Here’s how it’ll transform your program.

The simplicity of a single platform. 

The best fan experience in high school sports is now housed in one place. The Fan Engagement Suite lets fans access rosters, highlights, livestreams, stats and schedules—all at their fingertips. Best of all, it’s easy to manage. Simply input your rosters and schedules (something your coaches might already do!) to fuel this entire experience. 

The power of Hudl video and data, now available for your fans. 

The key to it all is Hudl’s video and data capabilities. Your coaches and athletes already use Hudl to track stats, analyze film and create highlights. These new tools work seamlessly with what you already use—like Hudl Focus for your game footage and Assist for your stats. Now, we’re giving fans the ability to tap into the video and stats for their favorite teams. 

The ability to enhance gameday and enrich your program.

It doesn’t stop there. Fans will also be able to purchase tickets and livestream passes through the platform. Everything lives within a single solution, yet there are multiple pathways to generate revenue for each game. It’s fundraising made easy—for you to handle and for your fans to contribute. 

Bring Passion to Your Program

The ability to stay connected at all times builds passion. And with how tightly intertwined communities and high schools often are, high school sports are uniquely suited to capture this passion. Fans want to rally around your school and feel more closely connected to you and the place they call home. To be a part of something, even if they don’t have a son or daughter on the team. 

Now they can, with everything fans need to follow your program in one easy-to-manage place. It’s your pathway to building a deeper, more passionate fanbase. And it’s coming soon to your school. 

Interested in the Fan Engagement Suite?

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