With Hudl’s plug-and-play broadcast solutions and a consistent com­mu­ni­ca­tion plan, you can keep fans engaged and informed while earning money.

Providing fans with HD livestreams and a high-quality broadcast doesn’t require a herculean effort. However, it does take the right tools and plan. Fortunately, we have you covered on both.

With Hudl TV, athletic departments can reach fans everywhere with easy-to-use livestreaming tools. Schools across the country are seeing success leveraging our solutions to produce pro-level broadcasts on a reliable streaming platform while earning revenue.

And in just five simple steps, you can turn your Hudl TV livestreams into a can’t-miss viewing experience your fans, your sponsors and your whole athletic department will love.

Step 1: Schedule broadcasts in advance.

First things first: add your scheduled broadcasts to your calendar.

You wouldn’t tell your athletes to come ready to compete without telling them when the game is, right? Treat your livestreams the same way.

Scheduling broadcasts in advance is important. Be sure to add each event to your schedule on Hudl.com, then select “stream to Hudl TV” to automatically stream from your Focus camera to Hudl TV.

Fans should be able to see any upcoming livestreams on your fan.hudl.com profile. Having that information ahead of time allows them to plan ahead or watch other events they might not have known about: a win-win.

Step 2: Add your fan.hudl.com profile link to your website. 

Make it easy to find your streams.

By adding a link to your school or athletic department website, you’re creating a path to success that anyone can find.

Embedding a link on your homepage provides fans easy access to your content so they don’t need to remember specific URLs or websites. Give them an easy starting point on your website.

Pro Tip: Suggest they save the link as a bookmark on their browser.

Step 3: Simple social media posts.

Followers = Fans. 

More than ever people look for information and updates on social media. Use your social media accounts—Facebook, Twitter, Instagram—to keep fans up to date with key information or to direct them to your content. 

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We’ve partnered with GIPPER* to create easy templates for you to use to promote your livestreams. GIPPER’s tools make it easy to share information and give your posts a little sizzle to keep viewers coming back for more.

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Step 4: Send emails regularly.

Consistency is key. Keep in touch with your fans so they are up to date with the latest schedules and any changes that may have occurred.

We’ve prepared a series of pre-made email templates you can use to keep everyone in the know about upcoming events.

Pick one (or two, or three…) and send them regularly. You’ll be surprised how quickly your community will rely on emails. They work.

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Step 5: Encourage your athletes to share.

Let’s face it: kids today know how to get the word out better than anyone. 

Look for ways to partner with your athletes to get the word out about your upcoming games and livestreams. You could share images and videos for them to use on their social media accounts.

Craft a text message they can share in a group chat with families and friends that links to your fan.hudl.com profile.

Mount Vernon is earning nearly $15,000 in revenue with Hudl TV’s sponsorship opportunities.

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