Meet Studio, a new telestration feature launched at Hudl Presents: Performance Analysis 2021

We’re excit­ed to launch Studio, our new advanced, easy-to-use telestration solution. 

Hudl Sportscode users can now quickly add professional, dynamic drawings and graphics to multiple angles in your video packages, all within one ecosystem of products.

Save Time

Studio is all about removing the barriers in your analysis workflow to save you time, opening straight from Hudl Sportscode for hassle-free, two-way sharing of video and graphics packages. 

No more exporting, no more importing, no more realigning video. Studio also allows you to automatically sync multiple angles of footage.


In Studio, there’s no longer any need to manually track players with graphics. Simply highlight the player and computer vision will do the rest. The graphics in Studio are broadcast quality to give the best possible level of presentation to coaches, players and analysis staff.

Studio auto-tracking feature

Wyscout Integration 

Did we mention you can seamlessly pull team data from Wyscout? Studio allows you to combine your analysis and scouting workflows in one platform and is the latest step in the improved integration between Hudl Sportscode and the market leading scouting and recruitment tool.

Watch the full live demo of the new feature, firstly showcased during Hudl Presents: Performance Analysis 2021.

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