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Hudl Presents: Performance Analysis in 2021

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Daily content is available on-demand providing a unique insight into what is coming next.

What we covered

Major Hudl Sportscode Telestration Announcement

Updates for Hudl Sportscode Users

Insights From the Hudl Pro Services Team

Stories from Leading Football Figures Around the World

Hands-on Hudl Academy Webinars for All Users


Monday, 8 Mar

Day 1

Watch Time: 50 Mins

Hudl Sportscode Telestration Launch

Hear from our CEO, David Graff, VP of Elite Sam Lloyd and R&D Director Franco Puppo as we look ahead to what is coming in 2021 and detail the launch of an exciting new telestration feature for Hudl Sportscode Elite users.

Tuesday, 9 Mar

Day 2

Watch Time: 45 Mins

Hudl Pro Suite Update

Hudl Sportscode remains at the core of the Pro Suite and new features and functionality are being released regularly. In this session, Product Manager Paul Arnott will present the latest updates across Hudl Pro Suite and will outline more exciting features planned for 2021.

Wednesday, 10 Mar

Day 3

Watch Time: 40 Mins

Hudl Pro Services

Director of Pro Services Ed Sulley will share insights into key trends in high-performance sport, relating to strategy, identity, high performance workflows and the centralisation of data - and more importantly how teams can overcome specific challenges faced in recruitment and performance analysis.

Thursday, 11 Mar

Day 4

Watch Time: 30 mins per Webinar

Hudl Academy

Outline of Hudl’s commitment to education and professional development along with a series of insightful webinars covering the subjects that matter most to you.

Friday, 12 Mar

Day 5

Watch Time: 40 mins per Session

Hudl Masterclass with the Association of Sporting Directors

Roundtable panel discussion with key Association of Sporting Directors members offering best practice and industry insights.

Watch the recording of the 2021 Performance Analysis event.