The Hudl Pro Suite is central to the high-performance workflows of thousands of our users globally. Pro Suite is the platform where video and data connects within our offering of analysis tools.

Hear from Lead Product Manager for Match Analysis, Paul Arnott, who will reveal the latest exciting updates to the platform, designed to further enhance your elite match analysis workflows.

In this presentation, not only will you gain exclusive knowledge into this year’s newest Hudl Sportscode features, but you will also learn about key updates to the Hudl library, League Exchange and Wyscout. 

Among many other updates, here’s some key takeaways you can expect from this presentation:

  • A new area of Hudl Sportscode called ‘Visualizations’, which includes features like pie charts, bar charts and shot charts.
  • Detailed analysis on multi-game analysis in Hudl Sportscode using the find window and output window.
  • Updates made to the organizer and sorter tools in Hudl Sportscode.

Get the rundown on how you can utilize these new updates to get ahead of the game this year from day two of Hudl Presents: Performance Analysis 2021.

We hope you are enjoying our presentations from Hudl Presents, Performance Analysis 2021. The great news is that there’s plenty more to come! 

Day three is a deep dive into our Hudl Pro Services team and the world-class experience and expertise that goes into the consultancy services they provide for high-performance sport.

Hear from Hudl Director of Pro Services Ed Sulley, who will share insights into key trends in high-performance sport. This includes:

  • Strategy, identity, high performance workflows and the centralisation of data
  • How teams can overcome specific challenges faced in recruitment 
  • Identifying specific challenges teams face in elite performance analysis scenarios and potential solutions to these.
  • And more! 

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