Hudl Sportscode Roadmap

Hudl Sportscode Roadmap

See what we have planned for upcom­ing releas­es of Hudl Sportscode by watch­ing this update.

Hudl’s lead prod­uct man­ag­er for match analy­sis Paul Arnott, pro­vides an insight into the fea­tures Hudl Sportscode users can expect to see in the com­ing months.


Here are the changes that users can expect to see in the com­ing months.


You’ll soon be able to send a clip from a sorter or organ­is­er to a data­base and be able to split a clip. In the sorter, you’ll be able to see the orig­i­nal posi­tion for the cor­re­spond­ing instance in the time­line row, and edit the name of slides.

Find Window

We’re adding three pow­er­ful analy­sis work­flows for the find window.

We’ll be adding find and replace to Hudl Sportscode, allow­ing you to search through com­po­nents for text strings and to update those strings. This will be sim­i­lar in func­tion­al­i­ty to the fea­ture in Sportscode ver­sion 11.

An advanced search mode will allow you to do more com­plex search­es involv­ing boolean oper­a­tors so you can be real­ly spe­cif­ic about the codes, labels and instances that you’re look­ing for.

You’ll also be able to run out­put win­dows on dif­fer­ent data sets. Currently, to run a report on mul­ti­ple games you need to com­bine them togeth­er or data­base a set of clips. In the next few months you’ll be able to select which games you want to run a report on, reduc­ing the need to data­base, and sav­ing many hours of time.

Code in Replay

We’re adding func­tion­al­i­ty to allow you to code from Hudl Replay. You’ll be able to tap a but­ton to cre­ate an instance and for that instance to be shared back to Hudl Sportscode. This means you will eas­i­ly be able to look at it if you’re pre­sent­ing from Hudl Sportscode in the lock­er room at half time or if you want to review it after the game.

Open from League Exchange

A new devel­op­ment com­ing for the Pro Suite will see users be able to open videos straight from the Hudl League Exchange. Currently you need to down­load indi­vid­ual video and data files to your com­put­er, then man­u­al­ly import them into a new video pack­age. Soon be able to open them from with­in Hudl Sportscode, and start edit­ing them with­out hav­ing to wait for them to download.

These are our cur­rent plans for the com­ing months, we will keep these under review in order to adapt to the ongo­ing needs of our users.

Hudl Sportscode is now being used by pro­fes­sion­al teams right around the world. Our step by step guide is avail­able to help you get start­ed. You can also book a time to speak with one of our experts and check out all of the new work­flows.