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Hudl Sportscode is the fastest, most powerful version of Sportscode ever released, and we're excited to share it with you.

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New Workflows and Features

Live Sharing

Hudl Sportscode includes a new collaboration workflow, allowing you to take advantage of multiple coders more easily than ever.

Playlist Overview

Use the all-new playlist tool to bring your analysis together and prepare team presentations.

Playlist - Organizer View

Adding title slides and instance notes are easy in Hudl Sportscode with the organizer view in the playlist tool.

Playlist - Sorter View

The new and improved sorter view is great for watching instances and making organized playlists.

Video Capture

Multi-Angle Capture

One of the most improved workflows in Hudl Sportscode is the ability to capture multiple angles with one computer.

Blackmagic Capture

We've improved our standard capture workflow using a Blackmagic capture device.

IP Capture

No cables needed, just network access to take advantage of our improved IP capture workflow.

Video and Data Import

Import Video (Including Multiple Angles)

Import single or multiple angles of video into Hudl Sportscode using our improved import workflow.

Synergy Import

Import Synergy files easily in Hudl Sportscode to get a head-start on your analysis.

Import XML

Import video from a variety of third-party data sources or other Sportscode users using XML import tools.

Opta Import

Opta provides great data for football and rugby games. Learn how to import it into Hudl Sportscode.

Video Playback

Resizing Video Windows

In Hudl Sportscode, you can now resize your video window to a custom size.

Using the Video Controller

Explore the features of the modernized video controller.

Timeline: Scrub, Zoom and Scroll

We've updated the timeline so you can search and play back your video even more smoothly.

Using the Timeline

Creating Instances and Rows

Creating and adding rows to an existing timeline is easy, along with creating instances.

Editing Instances

Adjusting the length of an instance got even easier in Hudl Sportscode with the new edit window.

Navigating a Multi-Angle Timeline

With Hudl Sportscode, you can easily navigate multiple angles using hotkeys.

Watching Instance Videos

Instances are now very simple to watch and adjust in Hudl Sportscode.

Video and Data Export

Exporting Video as MP4 Files

Export a Hudl Sportscode package as an MP4 file for anyone to view.

Exporting Video to Hudl

Hudl is a great tool to share video and data with the team; learn how in this video.