You talked, we listened. With our latest Assist updates, you’ll know how your team performs in every area of the pitch.

You’ll notice a major facelift to our latest update of Hudl Assist. More than ever, soccer teams at the high school and club levels need to know precisely how the ball is moving in every area of the pitch, and why.

With this upgrade, we took serious efforts to bring you a more complete picture that you can’t get on your own, in the most practical way to visually tell it. You’ll have more than just goals and assists—you’ll get the winning plays, from start to finish, and where they happened.

Thirds, not halves

Previous iterations of Assist charted simply how you played in one half of the pitch versus the other. It was a good start, but that’s not enough. To get the best read on your game, you need to know where the game was played—your end or theirs.

With the field broken into thirds, you’ll have a more accurate report on where you're taking care of the ball best, where you need the most improvement, and the why behind it all. Are you moving the ball forward enough? Do you need to play higher? Our pass breakdowns tell a more accurate tale by providing team completion percentages in each third of the pitch.

Precise passing

We committed heavily in this latest upgrade to give you a more complete picture of how you’re moving the ball around the field. You’ll notice pass strings being charted, to give you a better read on how your team is doing at maintaining possession, and how well they're doing at breaking your opponent’s lines. Our reports show you the length of your pass strings, the success rate of your team’s passes in all over the field, and take you right to the video.

These updated box score visuals give you better teaching tools for hammering home your own coaching points to players. Did your team’s ball movement break down in the final third? Does your back line need to make smarter passes? How is your goalkeeper distributing the ball? You can stress these messages with your players over and over using the box score.

We also included crosses in the new passing stats. Check them out to see how your attacking-type moments came together.

Go unlimited

Our new unlimited Assist options all give you reports on as many games as you want, as often as you want, in as quickly as 12 or 24 hours. You also have additional options for scouting breakdowns of your opponents.

Note: This won't affect current customers who previously purchased credits. Teams that don't want to move to an unlimited subscription will still be allowed to submit their credits until they expire.

An extra advantage

You can also opt for the SVT Advantage elevated camera kit and all of its state-of-the-art offerings. There’s no substitute for a bird’s eye view when it comes to video evaluation. With this deal you’ll get:

  • HD camera
  • 16-foot adjustable tripod
  • 7-inch field monitor
  • Camera remote
  • Portable carrying case

This limited time promotion includes Hudl and Hudl Assist, so you'll have everything you need to capture, analyze, and share high-quality video.

These improvements will give you more dynamic insight and help you focus on the details that truly matter. Want to see the updates for yourself? Request a demo.