Hudl Assist for Soc­cer Just Got a Major Upgrade

You talked, we lis­tened. With our lat­est Assist updates, you’ll know how your team per­forms in every area of the pitch.

Hudl Assist for Soc­cer Just Got a Major Upgrade

You talked, we lis­tened. With our lat­est Assist updates, you’ll know how your team per­forms in every area of the pitch.

You’ll notice a major facelift to our lat­est update of Hudl Assist. More than ever, soc­cer teams at the high school and club lev­els need to know pre­cise­ly how the ball is mov­ing in every area of the pitch, and why. 

With this upgrade, we took seri­ous efforts to bring you a more com­plete pic­ture that you can’t get on your own, in the most prac­ti­cal way to visu­al­ly tell it. You’ll have more than just goals and assists — you’ll get the win­ning plays, from start to fin­ish, and where they happened.

Thirds, not halves

Pre­vi­ous iter­a­tions of Assist chart­ed sim­ply how you played in one half of the pitch ver­sus the oth­er. It was a good start, but that’s not enough. To get the best read on your game, you need to know where the game was played — your end or theirs.

With the field bro­ken into thirds, you’ll have a more accu­rate report on where you’re tak­ing care of the ball best, where you need the most improve­ment, and the why behind it all. Are you mov­ing the ball for­ward enough? Do you need to play high­er? Our pass break­downs tell a more accu­rate tale by pro­vid­ing team com­ple­tion per­cent­ages in each third of the pitch.

Pre­cise passing

We com­mit­ted heav­i­ly in this lat­est upgrade to give you a more com­plete pic­ture of how you’re mov­ing the ball around the field. You’ll notice pass strings being chart­ed, to give you a bet­ter read on how your team is doing at main­tain­ing pos­ses­sion, and how well they’re doing at break­ing your opponent’s lines. Our reports show you the length of your pass strings, the suc­cess rate of your team’s pass­es in all over the field, and take you right to the video.

These updat­ed box score visu­als give you bet­ter teach­ing tools for ham­mer­ing home your own coach­ing points to play­ers. Did your team’s ball move­ment break down in the final third? Does your back line need to make smarter pass­es? How is your goal­keep­er dis­trib­ut­ing the ball? You can stress these mes­sages with your play­ers over and over using the box score.

We also includ­ed cross­es in the new pass­ing stats. Check them out to see how your attack­ing-type moments came together.

Go unlim­it­ed

Our new unlim­it­ed Assist options all give you reports on as many games as you want, as often as you want, in as quick­ly as 12 or 24 hours. You also have addi­tion­al options for scout­ing break­downs of your opponents.

Note: This won’t affect cur­rent cus­tomers who pre­vi­ous­ly pur­chased cred­its. Teams that don’t want to move to an unlim­it­ed sub­scrip­tion will still be allowed to sub­mit their cred­its until they expire. 

An extra advantage

You can also opt for the SVT Advan­tage ele­vat­ed cam­era kit and all of its state-of-the-art offer­ings. There’s no sub­sti­tute for a bird’s eye view when it comes to video eval­u­a­tion. With this deal you’ll get:

  • HD cam­era
  • 16-foot adjustable tripod
  • 7-inch field monitor
  • Cam­era remote
  • Portable car­ry­ing case

This lim­it­ed time pro­mo­tion includes Hudl and Hudl Assist, so you’ll have every­thing you need to cap­ture, ana­lyze, and share high-qual­i­ty video.

These improve­ments will give you more dynam­ic insight and help you focus on the details that tru­ly mat­ter. Want to see the updates for your­self? Request a demo.