One of our most requested features is back and better than ever.

We’ve all heard about the five Ws since elementary school—who, what, where, when and why. It just so happens they apply perfectly to showcasing our newest feature for basketball coaches—Effects! Yes, you read that right, effects are back and better than ever. Coaches can now layer text and drawings into their full game video to easily share coaching points with their whole team.

Keep reading for the full breakdown on how this feature came to be. (Yes, traditionally you start with “who”, but the “what” is just too important.)

What is the new feature?

Coaches can now quickly provide visual feedback to the whole team by adding text and drawings directly on the full game video.

You probably already know why this is such a big deal. The previous workflow was tedious; adding a comment or drawing required creating a clip, adjusting its length, sending the clip to a playlist and, finally, sharing it. We get it. That’s a lot of steps when you just want to tell your whole team, “great hustle play.”

Now don’t get us wrong—that’s still a great workflow if you have a lesson that applies to an individual or even a small group. But now, when you have something to say to the whole team, you can leave it on the full video instead.

Who were effects created for?

You. And other coaches on Hudl like you.

We know coaches missed this feature last season. And we know coaches are excited to see it back in action.

“Very happy to see this feature added back to Hudl. Now I can use playlists for things like offensive and defensive sets and keep game [text] and drawings on the full game film. Great decision by you guys.”  -Head boys’ basketball coach Jayme Lawman, Shanghai High School International Division, China.

Where do they live on your account?

Everything’s all in one place and available for your whole team to see because text and drawings live on the full game video. The best part? You can create them on the web and see them in our iOS app—so your team can view teaching moments from anywhere. 

When can you start adding them?

Right after you’re done reading this blog! They’ve been available on the web since October 2018 and will be ready for use on iPads and iPhones early December 2018. (Expect to see functionality for Android built out early next year.) 

Why did we create text and drawings on the full video?

“Burdensome” and “inefficient” isn’t how we want coaches to describe the process of sharing coaching points on Hudl. When we heard this feedback from our users, we worked hard to give them what they needed. Effects is the answer.

Want to know what else we've been working on?

The good news doesn’t stop there. We have a few more updates rolling out that we’d like to share with you.

Do more with your playlists. 
Clips are easier to manage than ever. You now have the option to reorder, rename and reuse clips in playlists.

View video in full screen. 
Athletes can’t engage with a film session if they can’t see what’s happening. So we made it possible to view video (and the effects you add to it) in full screen.

Create highlights in one click.
No need to make a clip and send it to a highlight—just click the star icon from your toolbar when you see a moment you’d like to highlight.

Take advantage of our behind-the-scenes work.
While there’s not a bright new button for this one, it’s still important. New performance improvements will provide more reliable video playback and faster loading on your reports pages.

Want to stay in the know on all our updates? We’ve created a special releases page to keep you up to date.