South Portland, Maine — The Yankee Small College Conference is proud to announce a partnership with BlueFrame Technology as the Official Video Streaming Partner of the YSCC. BlueFrame Technology is one of the country's premier video live streaming providers, partnering with over 1,000 colleges, high schools, and athletic organizations across North America. BlueFrame has partnerships with over 40 collegiate conferences and organizations spanning all levels of competition. The United States Collegiate Athletic Association recently announced a similar partnership.

YSCC president Matt Richards is excited about the opportunities BlueFrame will help provide.

"The YSCC is looking forward to the partnership with BlueFrame Technology to increase our branding and marketing of our member institutions and conference."

Currently, YSCC members Southern Maine Community College and Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences will stream regular-season games through BlueFrame.

The YSCC plans to live stream championship events and select regular-season games to highlight the student-athletes of the YSCC.

YSCC Director of Sports Communications Jeff Schools says this is another step to help focus on the great stories within the league.

"We are excited to add another channel for people to learn about the great student-athlete stories within the YSCC. We currently recognize 'Players of the Week" in all sports as well as handing out tournament and year-end awards; live streaming games will be another way to bring our student-athletes to the world," said Schools.

Richards agrees.

"The performances of our student athletes and coaches is exceptional. Being able to stream our championships and highlight the achievements of student athletes will continue to showcase the YSCC to an increased audience further enhancing our product."

"BlueFrame is thrilled to partner with the Yankee Small College Conference and their member colleges," said Mark Krug, Director of Partnerships for BlueFrame. "Transitioning to our Production Truck software and full streaming platform will result in better quality and availability of live event broadcasts across the conference, which will enable more fans and communities to stay engaged with their favorite YSCC teams and student-athletes."

Users can currently find the YSCC BlueFrame site by following this link. The site will offer archived tournament games along with live streams of championship events.

Schools is excited to bring YSCC games to multiple platforms.

"The explosion of home viewing technology is incredible. Offering the ability for friends, family, and coaches around the world to watch their student-athletes in action outside of the traditional methods makes the BlueFrame partnership that much more exciting."

The YSCC Network will soon be available on iOS and Android phones and tablets, Android TV OS, Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and many other smart streaming devices.

The YSCC and BlueFrame will continue to build the YSCC Network over the summer, with a full rollout in the fall.