Take a closer look at how our newest updates to Assist will impact your Hudl experience.

The future is limitless…at least when it comes to Hudl Assist.

With Assist, coaches can send us any game or scout video at the click of a button. Our analysts will tag stats for both sides of the ball, so you can spend your time creating a game plan rather than entering data.

From new packages to easier submission, we’re excited to share the changes we’ve rolled out for our teams.

No Limits

Not two or three, but four new unlimited Assist packages will make sure you find the best fit for your high school team. Now instead of guessing the number of Assist breakdowns you'll need for the season and (hopefully) postseason, you’ll have an unlimited package to receive stats whenever you need them most.

Don’t worry about saving credits for the playoffs or jumping through hoops with your billing department for more breakdowns. Pay once and access Assist all year.

And we mean all year—your submissions are no longer limited to a specific season. You paid for a year, so submit games year-round without season expiration dates. Choose between 12 and 24-hour packages based on your team’s needs.

*All prices in USD

Submit from Anywhere

We've made the submission process quicker and easier. You have more submission flexibility with options to submit from your mobile device or as you upload.

If you have multiple games to analyze for your opponent, submit them at the same time instead of individually. The stats will be in your hands faster than ever.

Select Jersey Numbers by Game

Stats aren't valuable if they aren't accurate. Does your team changes jersey numbers for an away game? Now you can make sure your players still receive credit for their hard work. Adjust jersey numbers for individual games during submission so your athletes have a complete report of their season stats.

Now the Fun Begins

Take this opportunity to use your data in a new way. The power of Hudl comes when you combine stats with video to teach, develop and analyze. Your team won't know what hit 'em.

Try these workflows first:

The possibilities are as endless as the unlimited packages. Sign up for Hudl Assist today, or renew your subscription for another season with us.