Learn how to use Hudl’s volleyball stats to take your team to the next level.

Stats provide valuable information volleyball coaches use for their own teams and for opponent preparation. When you integrate your stats with video on Hudl, you’ll take your team to the next level. The combined power of stats and video enables easier and more focused analysis.

Have questions about how to add stats for your team? It’s easy to get started. Track stats after the match or send your video to Hudl Assist for our analysts to break it down.

Filter to create highlights.

You can also use stats to create highlights for your athletes. Select an athlete, then any of the tags. Choose your top athletes and filter to their kills. From there, add those tags to your clips and save them as highlights for their profile or for your team.

volleyball video player with playlists

Uncover new insights with reports.

After stats are added, whether after the match or from Hudl Assist, the reports on your account will automatically generate. Use these insights to create a practice plan for your team and uncover trends for a competitive edge. Filter stats by rotation, team or players to find key moments in a set, match or across the whole season. All of the data links directly to video so you can see the action behind the numbers.

We recently reorganized the stats page to make it easier to analyze your matches. Each section starts with the positive stat then moves to the negative stat, total and percentage. The page begins with serve and serve receive efficiencies—stats that help you see where your team won or lost the match. All serve receive, serving and passing stats are tracked so you can formulate how to help your team succeed.

After you analyze your serve-pass stats, the report focuses on skills and position-specific stats. You’ll gain insight into your strongest and weakest moments both offensively and defensively to help fuel skill-specific practices. Track all of these stats by match, player and rotation to find areas for improvement.

Don’t forget to check out the trends and goals reports to track the progression of specific stats throughout the season.

Share individualized playlists with your athletes.

With stats, you can easily filter for the information that matters to your team— team strengths like great passes and killer serves, or areas you need to emphasize in practice. Filter by one or multiple stats to pinpoint the specific moments you want to share. Then sort by your athletes and rotations. Save those clips as a playlist to share with individuals or customized groups.

Easily send your stats to MaxPreps.

We heard the feedback from our coaches and made it easier than ever to send your stats to MaxPreps. Just click Export for MaxPreps from your box score report to receive a compatible text file you can import with the click of a button.

This is only the beginning of what you can do with stats for your team. Check out our Help Center for more tips on stats and reports.