We gathered answers to the five most common questions about Hudl Sideline.

Earlier this month, we announced that our in-game replay solution will be available soon. As with any new tool, coaches have a few questions, and we’re pumped to see users so excited about Hudl Sideline. So we gathered answers to the five most common questions below.

  1. When do you plan to release Hudl Sideline?
    Hudl Sideline will be available January 2016, with pricing and package information coming soon. Be sure to keep an eye on our social channels for any updates, or sign up to be notified by email.
  2. Will I be able to upload footage recorded with the iPad?
    Yes. As with the basic Hudl app, any video recorded in Hudl Sideline can be uploaded for review after the game.
  3. Will Hudl Sideline integrate with my existing camera setup?
    Yes. Our team is currently testing a solution for hard drive cameras so you can analyze plays from multiple angles. We’ll share more once this is fully tested, so stay tuned.
  4. Is the setup portable? Can I use it at away games?
    Hudl Sideline is designed to set up in minutes, whether you’re at home or the visiting team. It’s also completely wireless and the networking hardware is 100% portable. All you have to do is plug the hardware into an outlet and secure it to your press box. We even include a portable window mount.
  5. Is sideline replay legal in my state?
    The only states that don’t allow sideline replay at the high school level are Texas and Massachusetts. While sideline replay isn’t currently legal for collegiate games, these teams can still benefit. Programs at all levels have found it extremely helpful during practice.

If you’re interested in Hudl Sideline, you can sign up to be notified the moment it’s released. Just visit hudlsideline.com and give us your info. You can also check this video to see one of our beta coaches, Eric Thomas of Lee’s Summit High School, use Hudl Sideline during a game.

These may be the five most common questions, but they’re certainly not the only ones we’ve received. If you have any other questions, shoot us an email or leave a comment below. We’re always happy to help.

As of January 21, Hudl Sideline is available to all football coaches. Sign up today at hudlsideline.com.