Hudl’s complete solution for video analysis will give the league access like never before.

On 18 February, a new era of netball began with the founding of the Suncorp Super Netball League in Australia, comprised eight teams spread across the continent. It’s city versus city, state versus state, and the league’s inaugural season promises to be thrilling.

As the league’s governing body discussed an end-to-end solution to help all teams analyse video, its past experience with Sportscode resulted in taking a closer look at the full suite provided by Hudl.

“The time was right to enhance the sport’s ability to share content and information in a way that could enhance performance outcomes,” said Andrew Collins, the Head of High Performance for Netball Australia. “It’s a cost-effective platform for information exchange.”

Because Sportscode and Hudl integrate seamlessly together, it made sense for the entire league to get on board. “Hudl allows for video content to be shifted around between teams without downloading, enabling access to those who need it from multiple layers,” said Collins. “The tools allow for the match footage to be shared not only at the league level, but within a team to athletes, coaches and support staff.”

In addition, the heads of Netball Australia will have access to every match through the exchange tools provided to all teams. This will centralise access so they can effectively monitor the level of play across the league.

The biggest benefit, however, might be the amount of time it’ll save, allowing each member more time to improve and compete. “It will allow our performance analysts to spend more time analysing games as opposed to filming and capturing content,” said Collins. “It will allow a deeper analysis and access to footage on individual athletes and teams. It will connect athletes directly to the footage and analysis on their own devices and in their own time.

“Gone are the days of a DVD or VHS player connected to the TV. Therefore, having platform-independent service is important.”

The 2017 netball season is now underway. If you’d like to follow the action, check out the league’s FacebookTwitter and Instagram pages.

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