Analysts can now upload multiple angles from Sportscode for their team members to review on Hudl or on the iOS app.

With Sportscode, you review multiple angles of the same play to uncover insights or highlight a key teaching moment not normally viewable from a broadcast or wide angle. It’s been a popular feature for several years for Australian rules football, rugby and soccer teams – sports with many players across a large field or pitch.

Earlier this year, starting with the release of Version 11, we introduced playback enhancements to give you a better presentation experience. One of most requested features was a simpler way to distribute multiple angles of video to players and coaches. 

Now, with version 11.1.9, teams can upload up to six angles of video to Hudl, allowing team members to review online or in the Hudl iOS app.

Here is how it works:

  1. From the Movie Organizer or Sorter window, click the Export to Hudl button.

  2. Select which angles you want to share or store online.

  3. Once the video is in your Hudl library, you can share with individuals or custom groups.

When watching online or on an iOS device, you can switch between view points by selecting the camera angle on the bottom right of your video. And just like every other video in your library, you can have a conversation about a specific moment by adding comments and drawings to a specific angle.

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