We’ve simplified privacy control over files — both video and non-video — to add more security to your Hudl account.

There is a level of security that teams expect to have over their content. Whether that be practice footage, opponent video, scouting reports, code windows or other files staffs require control over who can see what and when they can see it, whether that be practice footage or opponent video.

So we’ve made changes to enhance your ability to control access to specific content while content is uploading to your library on Hudl. These enhancements will reduce concern around who can access content in your library, and what abilities they have with that content.

You can now set permissions during upload or share from the library.

The controls are:

Can View:

  • View and download files

Can Contribute:

  • Add and edit comments and drawings

Can Edit:

  • Remove any drawings and comments

Can Manage:

  • Delete content and manage who has access

We’ve cut out a few steps along the way to build a process that is seamless and efficient for you. 

The new functionality is simple. Whoever uploads content to your library will set permissions while content is uploading. Simply select “edit” in the "share" section of the uploader to control privacy and notifications settings for each piece of content.

You will also have the ability to manage those same permissions with content that is already in your library. Once your video has been uploaded, click on the menu and select “share” to change the settings.

We believe that these enhancements will complement your preparation and give you added peace of mind. These changes are available on all accounts right now, regardless of package level.

Feel free to reach out to us if you have any additional questions.