Run smoother, more effective review sessions with these Sportscode updates.

We’re starting the new year with a fresh batch of updates to help you manage your video with Sportscode.

sportscode updates

Get video in and out of Sportscode faster.

Importing video from video cameras, websites and other third-party sources can result in mixed performance across desktop applications. Sportscode now streamlines importing and converting video to standard 720p and 1080p settings optimized for playback and smoother scrubbing.

Converting and exporting video from Sportscode is now up to 10x faster than before, allowing you to quickly export video with overlaid text, drawings and images.

sportscode interface

Take advantage of improved multi-angle analysis.

For team sports where players are spread out over a large area, such as Australian rules football, rugby and soccer, the need to review multiple angles of game footage is crucial for teams to uncover insights and run efficient review sessions.

Sportscode has always supported simultaneous, multi-angle (or “stacked”) playback, allowing analysts to isolate and expand an angle for deeper review.

As of January, we improved the performance of this functionality to allow playback of 1080p angles, without converting to a lower quality.  

sportcode remote and screen

Present video with the Hudl remote.

Team video meetings are a critical part of preparation. Having everything run smoothly allows for a more effective teaching environment. The last thing you should have to do is troubleshoot faulty equipment.

Remotes that are connected to a computer via a cable restrict mobility. The Apple remote worked well for older versions of MacBook Pros with infrared receivers, but that hasn’t been the case with newer models. Other iOS remote applications are clunky and don’t have Sportscode-specific capabilities, or otherwise fall short of what teams expect from a remote tool.

The Hudl remote solves all of these issues, and now works with Sportscode and, allowing you to control your offline or online video–whether you’re running a review session from a connected Sportscode device or your account.

The remote works like a Bluetooth keyboard and, unlike Commando remotes, doesn’t require a driver to install. Just pair it with your Sportscode device via Bluetooth and you’re ready to go.

In addition to the normal playback functionality of a remote (play, pause, fast forward and rewind), you can toggle in and out of full screen mode, flag instances, and play previous and next instances. It even has a built-in laser pointer for coaches to highlight areas on the screen.

Click here to order your Bluetooth remote.

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