Volleyball coaches detail how they are able to spend more time developing their team because of the time saved using Hudl’s recording and uploading features.

Prosper High School (Texas) head coach Erin Kauffman didn’t have to think twice when asked about the benefits of being able to record and upload directly to Hudl.

“During a tournament, we won our quarterfinal match, but my setter wasn’t playing well and I could tell that she wasn’t seeing it from my perspective. She knew she was off but couldn’t ‘feel’ what was wrong,” Kauffman explained. “In between the quarterfinal and semifinal matches, I was able to pull up our match that we just played and show her some clips of her not getting her feet squared up which led to her setting the ball to our outside hitters inconsistently. She immediately had an ‘aha!’ moment and played amazing in the semis and finals, and was named All-Tournament Team. And mind you, this was a girl who was in tears after the quarterfinals out of frustration.”

Because Kauffman recorded the match with an iPad, she was able to make the appropriate adjustments and the story ended in a success for both the team and her setter.

Using the Hudl app to record and upload matches allows every member of the team to access the video without the hassle of plugging anything into a computer.

“The app is extremely easy to use. There are many self help videos, but you do not have to use them. Once you sign up you will be videotaping in minutes,” Bradley Baker, head coach at Benet Academy High School (Ill.), said.

The only thing the iPad needs is a Wi-Fi connection. If the gym doesn’t have one or you don’t know the password, it stores on the device until you get home. “It cut our upload time by half or more,” Leslie Coltrain, assistant coach at Tomball High School (Texas), said. “The whole process allowed our coaches of all teams to be able to film matches and have them uploaded quickly, cutting down on time spent in the office after matches.”

“The app is extremely easy to use. Once you sign up you will be videotaping in minutes." Bradley Baker, head coach at Benet Academy High School (Ill.)

The ease at which coaches can record and upload gives them the time to focus on other aspects of their team. “The ease of sharing game film makes scouting and game planning more efficient,” Coltrain said. “The ability to telestrate and share clips with our team as well as monitor their activity on the app have made both coaches and players more accountable.”

That accountability comes across in scouting upcoming opponents, or reviewing your own team. Coaches can link to different parts of the video via stats, or by marking clips in the matches, all in an effort to prepare their team.

“The ability to save and mark up video has decreased the time we use when watching film. We can easily jump from play to play with our comments about the play already written on the film,” Baker said. Players can watch the video on the computer or on their phones, and with the ability to track user activity, coaches can hold those players accountable.

Volleyball teams new to Hudl are eligible for a free mobile analysis kit. Head to our website to set up your team and get registered for Hudl Assist.

Recording and uploading is the tip of the iceberg for what Hudl offers volleyball teams. Check out the website to see what else Hudl can do to help you and your players win. But don’t take it from us. Take it from coaches.

“Hudl gives you a competitive advantage over teams that do not use it. At a volleyball tournament we can look at things and make adjustments,” Scott Smith, coach at Cumberland Valley High School (Pa.), said. “Even if the adjustments come in day two of a three day tourney.”