Stats Report

  1. Log in to and click Reports.

  2. Click Stats.

  3. Your team will automatically be selected under Team. Click Scout a Different Team to change the team you’d like to view in the report. 

  4. Under Games click View Other Games to select the data you’d like pulled into the report. 

  5. Select options from the remaining filters to customize the report.

  6. Click any underlined stat to view its associated video.

    Click any header to sort by that column.

  1. Log in to the Hudl app and tap Reports.

  2. Under Team, yours will automatically be selected. To select another team, tap Scout a Different Team.

  3. Tap View Other Games to select more games to view.

  4. Select options from the remaining filters to customize the report.

  5. Tap any underlined stat to view its associated video.