With the Hudl app and the Fan Engagement suite, club volleyball teams can record and livestream matches simul­ta­ne­ous­ly on iOS devices.

Capturing match video is essential for your post-game review. But that’s just part of why it’s important. Access to your match video also matters to fans who can’t be there but want to cheer on your team. Shouldn’t yours do both? 

Starting January 2024, club volleyball teams can now use the Hudl app on iOS devices to livestream matches while also capturing a recording for post-game analysis.

In response to an ever-increasing demand for livestreaming, clubs have been left scrambling to find tools nimble enough to fit their filming needs and deliver a livestream fans will enjoy.

For clubs looking to stay ahead of the curve and offer simple, reliable livestreams, the Hudl app is the perfect choice. 

Hudl’s streamlined solutions simplify every gameday, practice and off-season. So it’s no surprise Hudl delivers the simplest livestreaming platform. 

By using the Hudl app on an iPad or iPhone, teams can provide a consistent, clear livestream without the hassle of purchasing extra equipment, lugging it around to matches and tournaments, and tasking coaches or volunteers to learn new software.

One platform. One app.

It’s that simple.

How does it work?

For years, coaches and athletes have relied on the Hudl app for on-the-go recording and analysis. It includes all of the fundamental features of Hudl they love: recording and uploading, reviewing and sharing film, analyzing reports, creating highlights, etc.

Now, when teams use the Hudl app to record a match, they’ll also have the option to livestream the match on their Hudl profile. Just open the app, select Record and hit the toggle to indicate that you want to livestream. 

That’s all the work that’s required.

However, the Hudl app also offers a scoreboard overlay from a second device. The scoreboard is a quick and easy way to elevate the livestream.

On a separate iPad or iPhone, a coach or parent can control the scoreboard feature. After entering the score and tracking sets, that information will appear on the stream for viewers.

Why Livestream on Hudl?

Livestreaming on the Hudl app makes streaming easy for both teams and fans. For teams, it’s livestreaming with the push of a button. For fans, it’s everything they need in one location.

The Fan Engagement suite uses the tools coaches and athletes trust to give fans a consistent, reliable viewing experience — with no additional work for teams. Livestreams are sent directly to the organization's profile on Hudl, where fans (and recruiters) can find upcoming schedules, rosters, stats and highlights. Hudl is a one-stop shop for teams and fans. 

And now, it’s the easiest way to stream on any court, all year long.

Hudl is the leading performance analysis solution with industry-leading recruiting tools. By adding simple livestreaming options and the Fan Engagement Suite, Hudl truly provides the all-in-one solution clubs seek.

Ready to bring Hudl to your club?