The future of video uploads is here. Get an overview of the updates.

Picture this—you're celebrating a big win and can't wait to get the video on Hudl. You start the upload in Hudl Mercury, but an error message pops up.

After shooting a quick email to our hard-working support team, you get set up on a remote session to troubleshoot the issue. But then you hit another roadblock. Support needs to do something that the IT settings on your computer make impossible. And you know your backup—a personal computer and home Wi-Fi—isn't gonna cut it.

This kind of frustration can make a big win feel like a defeat.

This scenario has been the reality for many of our football coaches. While Hudl Mercury uploaded over 800,000 videos in the 2017 season, we know it wasn't always a smooth experience. We decided it was time for a new starter in our upload game—the web uploader.

American football teams can now upload directly from our website. Here are a few reasons you should give this new player a shot.

The new web uploader for American football

Use any computer, including Chromebooks.

With a web-based uploader, new options are available, like Chromebooks or Surface Pros. As long as you can connect your camera and use a stable internet connection, you're good to go. This gives you the freedom to use newer technology instead of being tied to older, outdated computers.

We’ve increased stability and reliability.

Not only can you upload from any device without downloading any programs, but you can do so with even more stability than Mercury. Cue a round of applause for fewer support calls, remote sessions, issues with space on your computer and glitches you've never seen before. Other sports on Hudl have been using this tool successfully for the last couple years and we think it's ready to bring to our football teams.

See the progress as it uploads.

There are no programs to download.

Another big benefit of the web uploader is there’s nothing to download to your computer. We know it can be a pain to deal with your IT department and the restrictions on your network and computers. But we value the safety of your students and know those restrictions are there for a reason. That’s why we eliminated this barrier to getting your video online and out to your team.

Upload multiple angles at once.

The web uploader makes it simple and efficient to have multiple uploads going on the same computer. Just open another tab in your browser to start another upload. Much easier than finding a second computer or waiting until one upload ends to start another. Keep in mind your Wi-Fi connection will play a big role in how quickly multiple uploads finish. But even if your connection is on the slow side, the web uploader will give you a better night’s sleep.

Edit video directly on Hudl.

With a faster, more reliable upload process, you'll have more time to review and edit your clips with the online video editor. Move, trim or delete individual clips from your game, all as you intercut. You’ll have more flexibility while you work with the video and prepare for review.

Edit, move and intercut your clips—all online.

The competition for best uploading tool starts now. Give the new kid a try by clicking that big "Upload" button on your Hudl toolbar. Or check out the rest of the new features