Coaches share how Assist gave them time back

Matt Marrujo has a lot on his plate. When he's not coaching or teaching at Servite High School (Calif.), he's also a coach for the Balboa Bay Volleyball Club. Time isn’t something Marrujo has much of, so when the opportunity to sign up for the first round of Hudl Assist for volleyball came up, he jumped all over it. 

“Both my assistant and I are full time high school teachers so anything that can cut down time for us as teachers and coaches we’re definitely looking into how to balance everything,” Marrujo said. “Otherwise we’d spend all of our time at home or later at night doing our scout stuff on opponents. We’re able to do what used to take two-three hours in 20-30 minutes and still have the same level of information as we did before.”

The ability to turn in game or scout film and get it back within 24 hours has given coaches like Marrujo more time to focus on player development.

“We have two setters and they use it the most. It’s been cool to have dialogue through Hudl with them on some technique stuff because they’re young,” Marrujo said. “Those two have improved a lot technically, going from watching their own film, giving us feedback on what they’re doing what they want to work on going forward.”

Sid Davidson, head boys' volleyball coach at St. John Bosco High School (Calif.) is able to use the information from Assist to drive home his coaching points.

“We call it the evidence: Stats don’t lie. I call it a lie detector,” Davidson said. “When things are going down we throw it out there. Say ‘Look guys, what I’ve been telling you during a match is definitely evident right here, and this is you on film, and this is your hitting percentage.’”

Davidson has seen the results on the court. The information returned from Assist covers team stats as well as individual, so coaches can focus on the big picture as well as individual needs.

“We’ve definitely cut down on our service errors. We’re more cautious of our serving. Our locations that we’re trying to hit that’s definitely improved,” Davidson said. “Individually a lot of guys are looking at their arm swings, looking at when they go into an approach when they see the ball being released from the setter.”

Both Davidson and Marrujo see the benefits of Assist for all coaches. “We can notice when it’s set five and it’s 10-10 the tendencies of what a hitter actually does that will definitely benefit us in certain rotations. I just think it’s easy to access and a lot of coaches are unaware that volleyball has this kind of tool,” Davidson said.

“I think any high school coach that also teaches would be foolish to not be using it,” Marrujo said. “It’s so user friendly, it’s fast, it definitely brings a higher level to your program. I tell all the people I work with pay for the service it will save you time and let you do a good job with your team.”

We're excited to continue working with more teams as we open Hudl Assist to anyone. Contact your sales rep, or click the link to find out more information.