We are excited to announce Hudl is partnering with Training Ground Guru for a brand new podcast, with the first episode airing on Thursday 4 April.

Training Ground Guru reports on the latest developments in football coaching, conditioning, analysis and academies––featuring news and innovations from leading experts in the game.

“We are excited about our first involvement in podcasting and using this platform to bring thought-provoking content to the industry,” said Sam Lloyd, Hudl’s Vice President of Elite Sports. “Following the creation of our blog series, the launch of Hudl, The Newsletter and the publication of Hudl, The Magazine, developing a podcast with The Training Ground Guru was the next logical step”.

“The Training Ground Guru provides great insight into the world of football, and we are excited to partner with a show that is as passionate about high-performance and sports analytics as we are.”

The first episode will feature former Derby County, Birmingham City, and Stoke City manager Gary Rowett alongside Joe Carnall and Dave Carolan--two experts in the areas of game analysis and sports science in professional football.

Carnall was formerly head of tactical insights at Stoke City, while Carolan headed up the sports science department at Birmingham City and the performance departments at Stoke and Derby.

Collectively they will discuss:

- How a professional coaching team works together cohesively

- The use of tactical analysis tools in professional setups

- The future of coaches, analysts, and directors of football

- A reflection of their time at Stoke City

- Their hopes and ambitions for the future of football

Watch the podcast here: https://traininggroundguru.podbean.com/e/gary-rowett/ 

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