Flex Football’s hybrid tackle model reduces young players’ risk of injury while developing their football IQ. That’s why Hudl partnered with Flex — to keep young players in the game.

As the founders of Flex Football saw their NFL careers coming to a close, they were focused on how they could give back to the sport.

Tackle football participation decreased due to increased awareness of head injuries, and flag football wasn’t developing game IQ in the same way. Football needed something to bridge the gap so the sport could keep growing.

That’s when Flex Football was born. Flex’s 9v9 format and softshell gear helps coaches build fundamentals and teach correct technique while protecting players’ heads from trauma. 

“With Flex, you have all of the contact, but you take the tackling out of it. It's perfect for our offseason and a great opportunity to introduce new players in the fall.” Donnie Birdow Flex Football Coach/Tackle Commissioner

Flex can serve as introduction to football, or tackle players can participate in Flex to develop during their offseason. 

Watch to learn more about how they’re bringing football to the next generation of players.

Hudl’s video review is another tool coaches can use to increase game intelligence while lowering injury risk. That’s why we've partnered with Flex Football—to keep players playing longer. 

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