Seamlessly convert and combine multiple video files at one time.

When Sportscode Version 11 was released, we introduced new ways to import video to ensure optimal compatibility and playback. With our latest update, you can now convert multiple video files at once.

Simultaneously Convert and Combine

When you import video from cameras, websites or other third-party sources, they can come in multiple files instead of a single file. In the past, Sportscode users could use a feature to combine multiple movie files, but it would still be a raw video that wasn’t compatible for optimal playback.

Now you can use the new movie package feature to simultaneously convert and combine your video files into one timeline. This will ensure your combined video is in the ideal Sportscode format for smoother scrubbing and crisper playback.

How It Works

  1. In Sportscode, select File > New Movie Package.
  2. Select the file you’d like to open in Sportscode. If your video comes in multiple files, be sure to select them all.
  3. Click Open.
  4. Choose the format you’d like to transcode your video file in. Check with the support rep in your region to get your recommended format.
  5. Set a desired custom rate or leave it on the default setting.
  6. Click Create.

With this new feature, converting existing Sportscode packages is more efficient—a standalone Sportscode package will be automatically created.

Queued Conversion

These will be a game-changer for your Sportscode workflow. Instead of starting the conversion on one file, and waiting for it to complete before converting the next one, you can now add them all to a queue to automatically convert everything. Version 11 of Sportscode will be your go-to converter.