Hudl is packed with new features, more cus­tomiza­tion and a fresh look. Dive in and get ready for season with more tools than ever to help your team win.

This round of updates to Hudl might be the biggest yet, full of new features designed to make finding key moments easier than ever for all teams with the exception of American football. And with enhanced customization in how everything is organized and shared—did we mention comment threads?—coaches and athletes have more control over how they interact with video and stats.

Check Out Your New Video Tools

Video Review Made Easy with Clip Creation

The redesigned video tools make it even easier to pinpoint teachable moments. It all starts with creating clips—the building blocks of video analysis. Rather than sharing a full video with your team, you can create clips of key moments by adding comments and drawings or simply clicking to save the play. Add the clips to a new or existing playlist to reference in the future, or tag them as highlights to share with family, friends and recruiters.

Comments Are Now Conversations

Comments are no longer one-directional, but allow for conversations as a team. Create clips with notes in a comment thread and save them to a playlist. Anyone with access to the playlist can see and respond to those comments.

Players will no longer have to wait until the next day’s practice to ask you about a clip. The ability to create and respond to comments encourages open dialogue and quick responses to get the most out of viewing those clips.

Custom Tags Are Here

You have a lot of options for adding stats to your games, but we’ve heard there are some stats we just haven’t thought of. That’s why we’ve added custom tags: You can create your own tags to track the information that matters most to your team. There’s even a shortcut for adding a single tag—just press t on your keyboard as you watch the video.

New Drawing Tools

We’ve also updated your drawing tools with arrows and circles to accompany the freehand tool, giving you more options to provide visual feedback.  

The circle tool is great for coaches reviewing a wide shot where they may want to direct attention toward a player or area. The circle size and position can be adjusted for more accurate emphasis.

Thinking about quizzing your athletes? The arrow tool is a great way to give players options and ask for the correct answer. It can also be used in regular clips to point out the route an athlete could have taken.

Dive into Your New Video Library

Create Playlists across Multiple Games

You can now create playlists with clips from multiple games. Let’s say you want to create a playlist of your team’s most-used out of bounds play across every game last season. Create the playlist and add to it as you find clips from different games.

Playlists Are Now Library Entries

We’ve also updated playlists to be their own entry in the library. Any clips you create will be added to a playlist and exist separate from the original video. That way you can share playlists with the whole team or a specific athlete, making it even easier to help your athletes improve. You’ll also be able to control each team member’s permissions, ultimately deciding who sees what.

Stay Organized with Custom Labels

Once the files upload, you can organize your library by adding custom labels to each video. In the past, videos could only be marked as game footage, practice or scout video. With the new labels, you can control how your library is organized. Games can be marked as tournaments or a conference matchup. If you run a specific drill, label it so you can reference it as the season progresses. You can even assign labels to players and groups.

You can filter your library by labels, date and type or use the search tool to find a specific video with just a few clicks.

Additional Updates

Enjoy More Control over Your Uploads

Getting your video on Hudl has never been easier. The new uploading page allows you to add details and share as you upload, with the video’s progress clearly displayed. Even better, you’re no longer required to link every video to a schedule entry, so a summer drill or workout can be uploaded without the hassle of creating a new event in your schedule.

As the video uploads, it will be viewable in the library, giving you and your staff a head start on tracking stats and creating clips for your next video session.

Manage Your Team with One Click on Desktop or iOS  

We’ve also updated how you manage your list of players, coaches and groups. The new Manage Team page brings all three together, making it easier to update on any device. That’s right—you can now add athletes, manage your roster and edit groups in the app. Coaches and athletes can also edit their profiles with one simple click (or tap).

Coaches can also check this page to monitor the amount of time players and coaches spend watching film. Hudl tracks all time spent watching film on desktop, iOS or Android devices, so you can see who’s working to improve.

Improved Message Notifications

The team messaging feature was already a powerful tool, but it got a serious boost with  permissions updates. Now, by opening Details and changing Response Permissions, coaches can set All Team conversations so that only coaches can add new messages. Coming soon, you'll also receive fewer emails notifying you about new messages. We'll bundle the most frequent messages into one email, so you'll still be in the loop

We can’t wait to bring these changes to all our sports and teams. If it seems like a lot, don’t worry—we’ll be here every step of the way. Head to our quick start guides to see the uploading process in action, and be sure to check our how-to videos on adding labels for better filters. Our help center is also available for any coach with questions on just about everything else.