A quick recap of the changes we’ve made to Hudl this season and a sneak peek at what’s coming next.

It’s been a significant year for us. We’ve made a lot of changes to the core of Hudl, listening to the feedback from hundreds of coaches and working to build the best tools to help our teams. And we've seen the impact it's had. 

This basketball season had more than three times as many videos uploaded to Hudl compared to 2017. That means almost 50 games were uploaded every minute during the peak of season. But that's not the only game-changing update from this year.

New updates hot off the press.

Playlists are available anywhere. 

Want to review a few clips on the way to your next game? You’ve always been able to download the full game, but now you can select specific clips to download for offline viewing or even to share outside of your team.

Highlights can be created from playlists. 

Get twice as much done with half the work. Save top moments to a playlist for team review, then add them all as highlights—directly from the playlist.

Teach with comments and drawings in full screen. 

It’s now even easier to review video with your team. When you add comments and drawings to clips and save them to a playlist, they can be viewed in full screen. And more full screen capabilities are on the roadmap.

But we won’t stop working just because basketball season is winding down. There’s still a lot of changes on the way to ensure all our teams have the best Hudl experience possible.

Big wins from this season.

It's easier than ever to customize your library. 

You can organize your library however you want with custom labels and filters. Teams used this tool to label and quickly find video from scrimmages, tournaments or review sessions. Some even created a label for skills to help players improve their technique.

Playlists aren't bound to a single game. 

One of the most requested features became available this season—teams can create playlists with clips from multiple games. Let’s say you want to build a playlist of your team’s most-used out-of-bounds plays across every game last season. All you have to do is create the playlist, then add to it as you find clips from each game.

Individual review came to life. 

Personalized review is easier than ever now that you can create a playlist of moments to share with an specific player on your team. You can share specific lessons with the players who need to learn them instead of the whole team.

Inbounds efficiency is at your fingertips.  

With the ability to track sideline out-of-bounds (SLOB) and baseline out-of-bounds (BLOB) plays, you can analyze your team’s efficiency and make sure you practice the right plays.

There's no limit to the data you can track. 

Teams can now use custom tags to track what matters most to them, whether it’s analyzing their offensive schemes or breaking down their opponents’ tactics. The sky is the limit with this added layer of customization.

A sneak peek at future updates.

Make video playback fast and smooth. 

If watching video isn’t a great experience, nothing else can get done. Video should start rolling as soon as you hit play—and we’re working to make sure it’s seamless.

Level up full screen review. 

Comments and drawings are awesome for sharing individual feedback with your athletes, but it’s our goal to improve team review and the full screen experience. It should be quick and easy to pull out a few clips during a review session or add your thoughts to share with the whole team.

Add power to clips and playlists. 

We’ve received great feedback from coaches on how to make clips and playlists better. We’re still working on the specifics, but expect your clips to be more customizable and easier to manage as you look to share and review video with your team.

We’re pumped for our upcoming changes. To stay in the know, keep an eye on our Releases page. Or let us know your ideas for future improvements on the Hudl Forum.