We are excited to announce that an updated Hudl experience for basketball is here. We’ve been hard at work over the past year, enhancing our Hudl interface based on your feedback, to help you break down and analyze film more quickly and easily. These platform updates will enhance the way you scout, game plan and develop your team.

20,000 of your coaching peers gave the new experience a run last season with rave reviews.

“Love it! Saves me so much time making clips and organizes them so much better.”
“I really like the in-game feel of it as well. The stats breakdowns on the side are really nice.”
“I really like the accessibility of previous season’s films.”

Ready to dive in? The new features include:

Faster filters

The new experience brings your video and data side-by-side on the same screen, so you always get the best of both worlds without having to sacrifice one or the other while reducing the need to toggle between screens or save as many playlists.

In addition, your filters become dynamic and interactive with your data and film, allowing you to efficiently uncover insights and make more informed decisions. This is especially valuable when coaches use Hudl Assist, our stat breakdown service, to provide insights post-game in 24 hours or less.

If you have certain situations like offensive rebounds given up in the second half or made threes from the left side of the floor that you want to review after each game, simply save your filters so you can quickly access the information for each game or review trends over multiple games.

Enhanced video navigation

It’s never been easier to find and watch scout film, your game or practices in your Hudl account. Utilize our new search capabilities to select film from multiple games or seasons, and choose how you view your film from three different options:

The first viewing option, analyze layout, allows you to filter information to find player’s shot attempts along with performance data and easily jump from offensive to defensive all in one place. 

With our watch layout, coaches have a full screen clip view. This full screen video player is useful with the pan and zoom feature, allowing you to get an up close view of your film to catch every detail, small and large. 

The navigate layout removes filters so that you evaluate game flow without the attached data.

New playlist effects 

With new Hudl, you can add effects and text to your playlists to ensure your communications are targeted and concise when sharing film with your staff and players. Use line effects to show the correct cut angle to help strengthen a player's confidence or add on-screen text annotations to ensure players know what's most important about a clip. 

Also new this season

Since last season we’ve made the following enhancements based on your feedback:  

Multi-Game Selection:  Select and open multiple games within new Hudl to aggregate your insights across multiple games (this is especially useful for opponent and self-scouting!).

Playlists: You can retitle, rearrange and create effects on clips.

Edit Player Data: You can now edit affiliated athletes on your game data (i.e.: switch a rebound from #11 to #12) or substitutions. 

Keyboard Shortcuts: You can use keyboard shortcuts to help you navigate your video.

Ready to get started? Log in to your account now and dig in. 

Need additional help? Check out our tutorials on how to watch/manage film and use the new filters in new Hudl. You can also set up a call with one of our experts to help learn your new workflows.