Reduce risks with data-driven decisions - this is the essence of Wyscout API, the football data solution which gives you a world of data at your fingertips.

Hudl’s internal team of 300 match analysts break down every football match into around 2000 individual events.Wyscout sends data feed through a standard API format, ensuring complete compatibility with any digital platform, which seamlessly flows into external digital platforms and services to be analyzed. 

Our datasets can be integrated into your analysis, recruitment and player management workflows with ease.

Scouting Area API

After the launch of the new Wyscout Scouting Area in early 2020, the natural evolution of this solution was the implementation of an API system that allows users to easily export personal report data into a centralized database, to eventually integrate them with multiple sources of objective data.

This allows recruitment departments to create greater levels of evidence and further reduce risks on the huge recruitment decisions.

    1. A more objective analysis

    Football is evolving more and more towards a data-centric analysis, therefore it becomes essential to merge the subjective evaluations of your scout department with evaluations based on objective data, coming from all the available sources.

        2. A smoother workflow

      Exporting your recruitment reports through API allows you to centralize even more all the information available within the Club.

      The reports compiled by your scouts through the Scouting Area, even from mobile, are immediately available in a centralized system that allows you to:

      • Save time and focus on those players who truly meet your custom KPIs.
      • Speed up the process of scouting reports.
      • Reports immediately crossed (in a custom platform) with external objective data, analyzed by analysts.
      • Comprehensive reports reports to show to management or coaches, including data/videos/evaluations.
      The power of Wyscout API provides a database and statistics integrated with apps and external websites. Wyscout sends data feed through a standard system API in JSON format, by ensuring a complete compatibility with your digital platform.

      Wyscout Youth Tournaments

      Both clubs and agents need to find new talents. It’s even more valuable if these players are at the beginning of their career, to maximize development time and better monetize their development.  

      Wyscout exclusively hosts in it's database footage and statistical data from the best youth tournaments and leagues around the world. This allows clubs and agents to scout talent around the world in unfamiliar markets without relying on a personal network of scouting contacts and send the relevant video and XML to the Hudl library of your choice.

      Scout talent from around the world with our exclusive footage of youth tournaments around the globe.

      Wyscout to Hudl Integration - Speed of Execution to save you even more time

      Wyscout and Hudl users can significantly speed up the process of using the content that both platforms offer.

      The workflow between Wyscout and Hudl is now streamlined - No more downloading from Wyscout and re-uploading to Hudl.

      • Select your match
      • Scroll through the context menu
      • Send the relevant video (and XML) to the Hudl library of your choice
      • Available in a few minutes both in Hudl and Hudl Sportscode
      Analysis workflows between Wyscout and Hudl and now quicker and more streamlined than ever before.

      Full Compatibility: The ‘One-Stop-Shop’ Solution

      A complete synchronization of all the solutions Hudl offers to its elite users.

      Wyscout → Hudl → Hudl Sportscode. 

      Watch the video below to understand this fully integrated workflow.

      The 'one-stop-shop' solution provides everything you need in a single integrated solution.

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