There are two typical strategies for any organization when trying to build a data strategy centered around high-performance.

Build Perspective

An organization that wants to build their own data strategy in-house would ask, how much risk do we want in regard to taking ownership of data and how it’s stored?

The benefits of build are that you can be protective around your IP and sensitive information as everything is ‘in-house’. Build is much more of a holistic approach, but in-housing takes a lot more effort and specifically skilled people need to be hired.

Buy Perspective

The Buy perspective allows you to purchase an already connected stack of technology that is set up externally and allows an organization to plug-and-play.

These calculated shortcuts are ideal for an organization not completely sure of what they want their data strategy to look and perform like, but also know what the end goal looks like enough to test some performance questions they are commonly asking.

The Buy approach is often a more cost-effective solution and can be used to get your organization started and moving in the correct direction. It is crucial to review the market and understand which companies can help you in regards to executing a buy-based strategy. Ideally, when selecting a Buy route the company or companies you work with should provide a flexible enough solution to promote your learning through testing. If they are too fixed, your experience is unlikely to be fun or impactful.

How Hudl Can Help


An organization can outsource some components of their Build process to Hudl. Hudl can also act as an advisory consultant role to structure data. This is one of the key functions of our Pro Services Team.

Collectively our team of consultants have over 199 years of expert-level performance analysis, recruitment, talent identification, human performance and coaching experience. Including some of the world’s most highly respected practitioners and their sole focus is to explore meaningful ways to connect with what really matters to our customers, leveraging the deep industry knowledge to provide next-level solutions.

Three key services are delivered by Customer Solutions:

  • Sports Specialists: our team is organically credible because of the experiences each team member brings and the evidence we can show our clients.
  • High Performance Focus: we support opportunities at the highest end of the performance spectrum, working with the world’s most innovative sports organizations.
  • Strategic Advisors: by virtue of the nature of our work and the connections we make, we have a unique opportunity to recommend new business ventures and guide sports organizations on how to make an impact with high performance.
How much risk do we want in regard to taking ownership of data and how it’s stored?


Hudl can be there to bridge the gap of data maturity and look after an organization with a long-term vision of where data can take them, but want to learn more and test more while they are on the journey.

Data as a Service

High-performance organizations are increasingly wanting to make important decisions using statistical evidence and applied data science.

Hudl’s Pro Services Team can support these needs through a mixture of solutions that have been designed with you in mind. Whether you’re at the start of your application of data within the decision-making journey, or you feel ready for the next stage, our team is ready to help you.

Below is a simplified adoption curve, based on the number and types of resources available to you. Please use it to reflect on where you are on your journey.

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A brand-new data analysis solution for Hudl Sportscode featuring faster information from multiple data sources.

With Insight, you can automatically generate customized data and analysis insights, leveraging multiple angles of video, event and tracking data in one place to enhance tactical, development and recruitment decisions without the need for manual coding.

Combine tracking data, event data and video to unlock deeper levels of understanding towards high-performance.

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Wyscout API

Reduce risks with data-driven decisions - this is the essence of Wyscout API, the football data solution which gives you a world of data at your fingertips.

Hudl’s internal team of 300 match analysts breaks down every football match into around 2000 individual events. Wyscout - which feeds from a database with over 270 competitions and 570,000 players globally - sends data feed through a standard API format, ensuring complete compatibility with any digital platform, which seamlessly flows into external digital platforms and services to be analyzed.

Our datasets can be integrated into your analysis, recruitment and player management workflows with ease.

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Wyscout Platform

And for those looking for platform-based access to data, Wyscout has been designed to connect data with video, which give the ability to back up subject assessments with the objectivity of video. The platform features many tools dedicated to scouting, video and data analysis and more.

Advanced Search, for example, gives users the ability to find players based on their own set of custom KPIs, only filtering athletes that are suitable for the tactical system or broader game model implemented at the club.

Talent Center provides a variety of filters focused on finding the best young talents around the world, filtering players by competition, role, and a number of youth-specific filters such as Club Debut, Breakthrough and Underage. Combined with the exclusive Youth Competitions pack - which offers footage from the best youth tournaments around the world - users can access a plethora of video and data for their scouting needs.

And many other tools, such as Shadow Teams, Players Lists, Playlist & Draw, Rankings and more, provide a variety of solutions to power any scouting or analysis high performance workflows for elite professionals globally

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For those looking to enhance their understanding and decisions related to player health, WIMU offers wearable solutions that can be used in training and matches. The WIMU PRO System is the first hybrid sports tracking system on the market featuring both GPS and LPS technology.

WIMU PRO is the most versatile wearable device on the market. With cutting-edge technology that adapts to any sport, WIMU PRO generates 20k data points per second and can track up to 250 unique variables for each athlete. The WIMU ecosystem collated a suite of tools where the hardware and software team up to bring the most advanced sports technology solution. It’s designed to provide physical and tactical performance insights and features intelligent monitors that allow different performance tests, such as range of motion and gait analysis.

This allows staff to better analyze athletic performance so that they can properly assess player load and prioritize recovery in training or on match day.

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