It’s uncharted territory, but teams are finding new ways to stay connected to the sports they love.

Entire spring seasons, practices and conditioning plans have been postponed or canceled as a result of the COVID-19 crisis.

While sports around the world are on hiatus this spring, the things we love about sports have blossomed anyway.

Coaches, staff and athletes everywhere are taking action to keep the game going through coaching webinars, online clinics, staff and player meetings.

Right now, teams are discovering new ways to strengthen the relationships between coaches and athletes. Some are light-hearted team-building ideas:

While others are geared towards developing skills and training:

Despite the challenges of social distancing, the community is committed to challenging each other to keep growing and learning.

Coaches have found practical and creative ways to coach and train remotely. Leave it to a coach to see this time as a chance to sharpen players’  leadership skills and peer accountability.

Many coaches are using technology to help everyone get better—and liking it.

Even if they’re missing out on the spring season, coaches are engaging their team and celebrating hard work.

Regardless of the sport, champions overcome adversity. These coaches know it’s not about what you can’t do today, but what you’re doing to dominate tomorrow.

Stay healthy and stay safe.

And keep pushing the limits on what’s possible. See you on the internet.

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