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Athletic Directors

Step one is installing your cam­era. Step two is putting it to work.

Identify the key players in your school before you start the installation process to get your camera mounted quickly.

Installing Hudl Focus is a team sport. Here’s who plays an impor­tant role in most schools. 

Athletic Director (That’s you!)

Before any­one hops up on a lad­der, you’ll need to prep your gym and reach out to every­one else who’ll help install the camera. 


Your coach­es prob­a­bly won’t be help­ing with the cam­era install, but they can still down­load the Focus app while they wait. Every coach and team admin­is­tra­tor will need to log in to the app to man­age the cam­era post-installation.

IT Team

Reach out to your school or district’s IT team ASAP to let them know about the tech­ni­cal require­ments that need to be met. You won’t be able to install the cam­era with­out their help, so be sure to loop them in. 

Facilities Team

There are a few hard­ware pieces you’ll need to install Focus. If you have a facil­i­ties or main­te­nance team, they can prob­a­bly help with that. Otherwise, you might want to look into call­ing in the big guns and hir­ing a con­trac­tor. Just note that who­ev­er is installing the cam­era and mount will also need to down­load the app

Rome wasn’t built in a day, but your camera could be installed in one.

Once all the key play­ers know their roles, the install process should run smooth­ly and quick­ly. Here’s a bird’s eye view of the order of events:

  1. Meet the tech require­ments. This is where your IT team comes in — make sure they’re aware of the tech­ni­cal needs for Focus and can accom­mo­date them before you start installing.
  2. Pick your loca­tion. Our place­ment guide makes it easy for you to deter­mine where to mount your cam­era. Still hav­ing trou­ble? Check out some alter­nate install options
  3. Prepare your gym. Make sure everyone’s emp­tied out and the gym sur­face is clear so we can cal­i­brate your camera. 
  4. Download the app. You’ll need the Focus app to set up and acti­vate your cam­era — we rec­om­mend down­load­ing it before any­one goes up the ladder. 
  5. Install the mount. A crooked mount means crooked video — so don’t for­get your level. 
  6. Install the cam­era. You’re almost there…
  7. Activate your cam­era. Complete this last step using the app and we’ll cal­i­brate the cam­era. In 24 hours (or less), Focus is ready to record. 
Once your camera’s installed, make sure you get the most out of Focus.

Involve the whole school. 

Any team that plays in your gym can use Focus — so once your bas­ket­ball coach is set up, make sure the vol­ley­ball, wrestling and cheer­lead­ing coach­es know about it too. 

You can also use Focus to record non-sport­ing events like half­time per­for­mances and grad­u­a­tion — check with your Hudl rep for more info on how. 

Never miss a game (or practice).

During cam­era set­up in your app, you’ll be able to choose teams whose sched­uled home games you want to sync with the cam­era so it auto­mat­i­cal­ly records. All your coach­es need to do is add games to their team’s Hudl sched­ule. Coaches can also man­u­al­ly begin a record­ing using the Focus app to film unsched­uled games or practices. 

Pro Tip: If you for­got to add a team dur­ing set­up, go to Settings in your app by click­ing the gear icon. From Getting Started with Hudl Focus, you can nav­i­gate to a screen that allows you to add or remove teams. 

Stream your games.

There are two main ways fans can catch your school’s home games from afar with Focus. One option is to stream direct­ly to YouTube for a free and sim­ple livestream­ing solu­tion that doesn’t charge fans and par­ents to watch games.

Starting this bas­ket­ball sea­son, you’ll also be able to send your video to any broad­cast soft­ware that accepts video through an IP feed, allow­ing you to choose where you send the livestream and if you want to mon­e­tize it. We laid out all the details on both options in our livestream­ing and broad­cast­ing guide.

Your students’ safety is top priority — that’s why you decide what’s recorded and who sees it.

Who can access video record­ed on the camera?

Video cap­tured by Hudl Focus is auto­mat­i­cal­ly uploaded and deliv­ered to your teams’ Hudl library. Viewing access is con­trolled by admin­is­tra­tors on the team’s Hudl account. Team admins can change the per­mis­sions on a video by click­ing​“Share” in the Hudl library. Hudl sup­port and engi­neer­ing teams may also access the cam­era for busi­ness pur­pos­es only. 

Is Focus always recording?

Focus is always con­nect­ed, but it’s not always on. The cam­era only records when a coach or admin­is­tra­tor has sched­uled a record­ing or begins a man­u­al record­ing from the Focus app. Look at the light on the device or open the app to see the camera’s sta­tus. If it’s record­ing, you’ll see a green light on the cam­era or in the top-left cor­ner of the app. 

Can Focus be used as a sec­ondary secu­ri­ty camera? 

Hudl Focus isn’t intend­ed to be a secu­ri­ty cam­era — so we don’t rec­om­mend it.

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