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See what you’ll need to get the cam­era installed.

Grab your toolbox — there are a few things you’ll need to install the camera.

For the mount:

  • Drill
  • Drill bit or mason­ry bit
  • Nutsetter (if mount­ing in concrete)
  • Ladder or scis­sor lift

For the camera:

  • Ethernet cable
  • Extension cord (if needed)

See details and rec­om­men­da­tions for these items. 

Our goal is to make installing Focus the easiest part of your day.
  1. Download the app. The app is the key to fin­ish­ing your instal­la­tion — it’ll tell you if your cam­era is angled prop­er­ly. if you’re the one installing the mount and cam­era, we rec­om­mend down­load­ing it before you go up the ladder.
  1. Pick your loca­tion. It’s crit­i­cal that your cam­era can see all four cor­ners of the court with the score­board in view. Our place­ment guide makes it easy to deter­mine where to mount your cam­era. Still hav­ing trou­ble? Check out some alter­nate install options.
  1. Prepare your gym. You might need to coor­di­nate with your AD or a coach on this one. 
  2. Install the mount. See our handy how-to video so you can nail it on your first try. Pro-tip: A crooked mount means crooked video — so don’t for­get your level. 
  3. Install the cam­era. It’s the moment you’ve been wait­ing for. Running into issues? Check out our tuto­r­i­al video. 
  4. Activate your cam­era. Complete this last step using the app and we’ll cal­i­brate the cam­era. In 24 hours (or less), Focus is ready to record.
Every gym is different. If yours has some quirks, read on.

Your cam­era needs to be installed on a wall that meets our height and dis­tance require­ments, but if that’s not pos­si­ble, it’s time to get creative.

Mounting on a beam or rafter is a lit­tle trick­i­er than mount­ing on a wall, but it can be done. See how oth­er Focus users have pulled off an alter­nate instal­la­tion. 

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