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Get all the tech specs required to make auto-cap­ture magic.

Specs? Sounds like a job for a techy type such as yourself.

Prior to installing the cam­era, make sure you check out the tech­ni­cal require­ments. The big ones are: 

  1. A wired net­work con­nec­tion with inter­net access
  2. Consistent upload speeds of 5Mbps or faster

See the full tech­ni­cal require­ments for Focus. 

We had to consult our IT people on some of these.

We met all of the tech­ni­cal require­ments — why isn’t the cam­era online?

If you’re still run­ning into issues, try ping­ing the cam­era to con­firm it’s up and on your net­work. Your camera’s host­name will be dis­played as FOCUS-###### and should be search­able on your DHCP server’s IP leases. 

Verify that all con­tent fil­ter­ing, appli­ca­tion con­trol and SSL inspec­tion has been dis­abled for the cam­era. These can lim­it the camera’s out­bound traf­fic and pre­vent com­mu­ni­ca­tion with Hudl. 

See more steps to trou­bleshoot your net­work

Can we set up a sta­t­ic IP address for the camera? 

No. We rec­om­mend set­ting a reser­va­tion in the DHCP serv­er for the camera.

Can we direct the cam­era to our own NTP serv­er for time and date sync instead of Port 123? 

No. We cur­rent­ly don’t sup­port any oth­er time serv­er sources, so those out­go­ing ports will need to be opened.

Does Focus bring any traf­fic inbound to my network?

No. All com­mu­ni­ca­tion from the cam­era is out­bound to the URIs list­ed in our tech­ni­cal require­ments. Because the cam­era doesn’t bring inbound traf­fic, your organization’s fire­wall can still pro­tect from incom­ing traf­fic as normal. 

It’s impor­tant that all out­bound traf­fic from the cam­era is allowed to ensure the cam­era can retrieve updates and upload video.

Will the cam­era need to be added/​joined to our domain? 

No, it doesn’t need to be joined to an active direc­to­ry domain or any oth­er direc­to­ry ser­vice. We don’t cur­rent­ly sup­port this feature.

You take security seriously — we have that in common.

Who can access video record­ed on the camera?

Video cap­tured by Hudl Focus is auto­mat­i­cal­ly uploaded and deliv­ered to your teams’ Hudl library. Viewing access is con­trolled by admin­is­tra­tors on the team’s Hudl account. Team admins can change the per­mis­sions on a video by click­ing​“Share” in the Hudl library. Hudl sup­port and engi­neer­ing teams may also access the cam­era for busi­ness pur­pos­es only. 

Is Focus always recording?

Focus is always con­nect­ed, but it’s not always on. The cam­era only records when a coach or admin­is­tra­tor has sched­uled a record­ing or begins a man­u­al record­ing from the Focus app. 

Look at the light on the device or open the app to see the camera’s sta­tus. If it’s record­ing, you’ll see a green light on the cam­era or in the top-left cor­ner of the app. 

Can Focus be used as a sec­ondary secu­ri­ty camera? 

Hudl Focus isn’t intend­ed to be a secu­ri­ty cam­era — so we don’t rec­om­mend it.

Your coaches are probably asking how to stream games — here’s what to tell them.

Can Focus livestream?

Yes! You can stream your Focus video direct­ly to YouTube or send it to any broad­cast soft­ware that accepts video through an IP feed. Check out our livestream­ing and broad­cast­ing guide for more details.

Can you turn off livestream­ing for cer­tain games?

You bet. You can use the Focus app to choose which events you stream and where you’ll stream them.

Will the livestream include a score overlay?

All cam­eras mount­ed with a clear, unob­struct­ed view of the score­board will have a score over­lay on the stream. When you use Focus video as a video source in broad­cast soft­ware, you’ll also have the option to add graph­ics and audio commentary.

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