Hudl Sportscode is here.

Everything you need to get started with the most powerful Sportscode ever.

icon_checkmark Simplified Multi-Angle Capture

icon_checkmark Improved Performance

icon_checkmark Simpler Workflows

icon_checkmark More Powerful Video Playback

See the difference.

More than a set of new features.

Hudl Sportscode is the fastest and most powerful edition of the world's top performance analysis software. Windows now open quicker, playback is smoother, timeline zooming and scrolling have improved and scripting is 2–5 times faster.


Multi-Angle Capture

Simplify workflows, cut down set up time, and save on hardware costs by capturing and automatically aligning multiple angles on one computer


Importing, Stacking and Combining Video

Save time with one simple workflow for all three operations



Scrub to a frame and start drawing in a single instance



Integrated video player, preview your video whilst drawing or editing video and data


Live Sharing

Enjoy quicker video and data transfer plus better and consistent playback performance


Video Playback

Resize video player to any size, playback multiple angles at once (including 6+ angles at 1080p)


Video Quality

Enjoy improved performance and support for higher quality video, including 4k, 120fps and H.265


Video Editing

Just one window now required so you can trim easily from the video player

Coming Soon

Third-party Coding

Have Opta and Sportradar automatically appear in the timeline

Coming Soon

Better Effects

Use automatic object detection to highlight moving players

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