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The future of film exchange.

With the Focus Exchange Network, you’ll automatically get the film from all your games recorded by Hudl Focus smart cameras.


Wondering how it all works? Watch the video to find out.

Only with Hudl Focus cameras.

Our auto-tracking HD cameras already capture every moment without a cameraperson. Now they’ll cover exchanges too.

Being on the forefront of innovation in film exchanges has always been a priority—the Focus Exchange Network is just the newest step. The more teams in your area that use Focus cameras, the less you’ll need to worry about filming.

Automatic exchanges are here.

When you have an athletic department package, any away or neutral games played at Focus-equipped venues will be automatically captured and shared with you. You won’t need to worry about manual uploads or exchanges after the game—you’ll have the film as soon as it uploads.

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It’s all in your schedule.

The best part? Managing your Hudl schedule is now how you’ll manage your exchanges. You simply have to add your opponents in your schedule entries. If they have a Focus camera, the automatic exchange will happen immediately after the game is over.

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No more hassles at away games.

If you’re playing in a gym or stadium with Focus, the camera is already set up and ready to record every second.


High quality film, no matter where you play.

When you have better film of away games, you’ll have better insights for you and better analysis for your team.


Every moment of every game at every level.

It’s not just varsity—every team playing in a Focus-equipped venue can benefit from high quality video footage.

The network is already growing.

“A film exchange at our place has saved me hours through being able to instantly share film with the other team’s coach. If they want it for the bus ride home, they can have it within 15 minutes.”

Kiel Unruh

Assistant Women’s Basketball Coach, Emporia State

“I have really enjoyed the exchange network. This year we were a bit sketchy about not recording ourselves but lightened up by the end of the season and it was awesome just having the video in our account.”

Nick Trask

Basketball Coach, Mason City High School

Let's get into the details.

How does the Focus Exchange Network work?

To ensure you get a copy of your video on the road, you’ll need to add the scheduled event on with the correct game location, date, time and opponent. We'll take care of the rest with a little magic behind the scenes ensuring the video is automatically uploaded to you and your opponent's library only.

To put it simply, we’re automating the Hudl exchange process to save you some time and avoid the hassle of requesting game video from an opponent.

Who has access to the video?

Game video is uploaded automatically to you and your opponent's library and will be shared with your team upon upload.

How do I make sure the video doesn’t get into the hands of the wrong person?

The most important step is making sure your schedule entry is accurate with the correct game location, date, time and opponent. When entering your opponent, be sure to pick an option from the drop-down menu and pay close attention to which team and school you're choosing. (If your opponent doesn't appear as an option in the drop-down, they likely don't have Hudl and therefore don't have Focus either.)

How do I know if someone has an overlapping recording?

If a team attempts to schedule a recording that overlaps with a pre-existing event, both the team creating the event and the team with the pre-existing event are notified when scheduling the event on and through the Hudl Focus app.

This serves two purposes. First, to help coaches understand when they might be scheduling an event incorrectly, and second, to ensure everyone practicing or playing in front of a Focus camera knows exactly when the camera is being used.

How do you become part of the Focus Exchange Network?

This feature is already available as part of Hudl’s athletic department package. When your whole program is on one subscription, everyone will have access to Hudl and all our other products, including Hudl Focus and the Focus Exchange Network.

Want to know more?

Fill out the form below to get in touch. We’re excited to tell you how many of your games can be captured with Hudl Focus.