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Schedule a Recording on Hudl

There are two ways to record on your Hudl Focus camera. Either add home events to your schedule on Hudl to have them record automatically, or record from the Hudl Focus app.

As long as your team is selected as a recorded team, the camera will always sync with your Hudl schedule—if you add or update a schedule entry, your camera will also see the update.

Schedule a Recording

Recordings will begin at the time the event is scheduled and record for 2.5 hours for Lacrosse and Soccer and 3 hours for American Football.

  1. Log in to, hover over Team and select Schedule.

  2. Select Add Event and complete the required fields.

    To automatically record an event, it must be marked as a home game.

  3. If your school has more than one Hudl Focus camera, specify which camera will record and upload this game to your Hudl library.

  4. If you would like to live stream this event, select which channel you would like to stream to. If you have signed up to stream through Team1Sports, powered by HudlTV, you can select that option or a Youtube channel.

    Haven't set up your YouTube Channel with Hudl Focus yet? Click here to learn how.

  5. Click Save.

  6. Open the Hudl Focus app to see your scheduled recordings.

  7. To extend a recording, tap Extend and select the additional amount of time you need. To stop a recording, tap Stop.

To cancel a scheduled recording, either remove the game from your schedule or change it to ​“away” on Hudl.