It’s one third of the game. And now your playbook will show it.

It doesn't take long to find a few special teams plays moonlighting as offensive and defensive plays on Hudl. These gems were created by special teams coaches who did their best to fit a full-field play into 30 yards. It felt a bit like William "The Refrigerator" Perry trying to squeeze into a smart car. Not the best fit.

It's time we gave you a bigger car. Or, in this case, a bigger field.

The newest feature this football season is also our most requested—a special teams playbook.

Access the special teams playbook

Keep everything organized.

You need a place to store your plays, separate from the chaos of the offensive and defensive playbook. As luck (and logic) would have it, your new special teams tab will be right next to Offense and Defense. You’ll be able to name and organize your plays in a way that makes sense for special teams—by play type, play and opponent play type.

Try out the longer field.

Choose between a short field (standard 30 yards) or a long field (a full 70 yards). Draw the full kickoff return so your players can picture what's happening out on the field. You'll see this longer field option in the field settings for each card.

The new 70 yard field

Don’t miss these additional updates.

Easier access to field settings: With each play, you can adjust the settings to show your location on the field—if it's a RZ play, the card can reflect that versus a midfield or backed up play. And with a bit of redesign, this setting is much easier to find.

Mobile special teams playbook: Nothing too crazy about this update, we just wanted to give you access to your plays where you need them most—at home, on the road or on the field.

New templates: With the new playbook comes a library of new templates to help you get started. You’ll see the basics for all your special team plays, from kickoffs and returns to punts and onside kicks. Create and save your own templates to make your life a little easier every time you use it.

Mobile practice scripts: Now you can bring this tool to practice because it's available in the Hudl app on any mobile device, including Androids. You don’t even need a Wi-Fi connection if you’ve downloaded them in the past. Say goodbye to emailing yourself a PDF of the scripts.

View your practice scripts in the Hudl app

We want this tool to help both coaches and athletes see the impact and importance of special teams. The most exciting part? It's already live—you can try it for yourself or activate Play Tools for your team. Go ahead, create a 70-yard play. Try a template. After all, special teams wins games.