Special Teams Playbook Now Available for Football

It’s one third of the game. And now your play­book will show it. 

Special Teams Playbook Now Available for Football

It’s one third of the game. And now your play­book will show it. 

It doesn’t take long to find a few spe­cial teams plays moon­light­ing as offen­sive and defen­sive plays on Hudl. These gems were cre­at­ed by spe­cial teams coach­es who did their best to fit a full-field play into 30 yards. It felt a bit like William The Refrigerator” Perry try­ing to squeeze into a smart car. Not the best fit.

It’s time we gave you a big­ger car. Or, in this case, a big­ger field.

The newest fea­ture this foot­ball sea­son is also our most request­ed—a spe­cial teams play­book.

Access the special teams playbook

Keep everything organized.

You need a place to store your plays, sep­a­rate from the chaos of the offen­sive and defen­sive play­book. As luck (and log­ic) would have it, your new spe­cial teams tab will be right next to Offense and Defense. You’ll be able to name and orga­nize your plays in a way that makes sense for spe­cial teams — by play type, play and oppo­nent play type. 

Try out the longer field. 

Choose between a short field (stan­dard 30 yards) or a long field (a full 70 yards). Draw the full kick­off return so your play­ers can pic­ture what’s hap­pen­ing out on the field. You’ll see this longer field option in the field set­tings for each card.

The new 70 yard field

Don’t miss these additional updates.

Easier access to field set­tings: With each play, you can adjust the set­tings to show your loca­tion on the field — if it’s a RZ play, the card can reflect that ver­sus a mid­field or backed up play. And with a bit of redesign, this set­ting is much eas­i­er to find. 

Mobile spe­cial teams play­book: Nothing too crazy about this update, we just want­ed to give you access to your plays where you need them most — at home, on the road or on the field. 

New tem­plates: With the new play­book comes a library of new tem­plates to help you get start­ed. You’ll see the basics for all your spe­cial team plays, from kick­offs and returns to punts and onside kicks. Create and save your own tem­plates to make your life a lit­tle eas­i­er every time you use it. 

Mobile prac­tice scripts: Now you can bring this tool to prac­tice because it’s avail­able in the Hudl app on any mobile device, includ­ing Androids. You don’t even need a Wi-Fi con­nec­tion if you’ve down­loaded them in the past. Say good­bye to email­ing your­self a PDF of the scripts.

View your practice scripts in the Hudl app

We want this tool to help both coach­es and ath­letes see the impact and impor­tance of spe­cial teams. The most excit­ing part? It’s already live — you can try it for your­self or acti­vate Play Tools for your team. Go ahead, cre­ate a 70-yard play. Try a tem­plate. After all, spe­cial teams wins games.