Pick up some new tricks with our eight football courses.

We explain how to do things in our Hudl tutorials. But we rarely tell you the best way to do it. Do you know the fastest way to intercut your video? Or the easiest way to create a playlist from multiple games? 

Now you can learn these best practices and more in our new Hudl Academy.

Hudl Academy is your destination to learn all things Hudl. It's like you’re back in college with a Hudl major—but there's no attendance grade. Just take the courses you want, when you want. Do whatever will help you prepare for the season, train a new assistant coach or make you a Hudl pro.

This tool will be available year-round to help you level up and get the most out of Hudl.

Our football courses include:

Dive right in and complete them all or jump to the course that interests you most.

Coming soon: We're building a certification test to make sure you know your stuff. Get ready to add "Hudl Certified" to your resume.