Small but Mighty: Hudl Assist for 8- and 9-Man Teams

Fewer play­ers on the field? No prob­lem — leave the stats to us and save your time for your team.

Small but Mighty: Hudl Assist for 8- and 9-Man Teams

Fewer play­ers on the field? No prob­lem — leave the stats to us and save your time for your team.

Smaller foot­ball teams face unique chal­lenges. Fewer coach­es and play­ers means every­one has to do more. From ath­letes hav­ing mul­ti­ple roles to coach­es tak­ing on count­less respon­si­bil­i­ties, it’s inevitable that some things get over­looked. Especially when it comes to data. Many of these teams have too much on their plate to even track basic (much less advanced) stats.

We want to help. 

This sea­son we’ve launched Assist for 8- and 9-man teams. Submit your games and we’ll send back 14 columns of data with­in 24 hours. Smaller teams and small­er fields won’t keep you from hav­ing the resources you need to be successful.

How It Works

All we need for Assist to track 8- and 9-man games is for your Hudl account to accu­rate­ly reflect an 80-yard field. To dou­ble-check, tag a sev­en-yard gain on the -35 yard line. If it still reflects a 100-yard field, reach out to sup­port and we’ll make sure your field size is updated. 

From there, choose from mul­ti­ple pack­age options to find the best fit for your team.

Assist Packages

3 Ways Assist Benefits Your Team

With more time and sta­tis­tics at your dis­pos­al, you can improve your team in ways that impact the entire sea­son, from devel­op­ing your play­ers’ tech­nique or find­ing holes in your opponent’s game plan. Whatever your focus, Assist is the per­fect assis­tant coach.

Develop your players. 

Whether you have a team of rook­ies or vet­er­ans, you can spend more time on the spe­cif­ic improve­ments your team needs to make, with the data to help you find them. Maybe it’s teach­ing the fun­da­men­tals of tack­ling or coach­ing your ath­letes on how to read a defense. Or you might have play­ers in mul­ti­ple posi­tions who need to learn tech­niques on both sides of the ball. Use the time you save to review video, add per­son­al­ized notes and help your team develop.

Scout your opponents. 

With an unlim­it­ed pack­age, in-depth insight into your oppo­nents’ ten­den­cies is pos­si­ble. You can sub­mit mul­ti­ple games of your upcom­ing oppo­nent to Assist and receive detailed data to pro­vide a blue­print of their game plan. Run both default and cus­tom ten­den­cy reports to help build your plan of attack. You’ll get a feel for what plays your oppo­nent runs and where they’re most efficient.

Add custom data. 

Go fur­ther with the data and cre­ate cus­tom columns to track spe­cif­ic ten­den­cies of your oppo­nents or to help your team improve. You can track any ten­den­cy that stands out to you or addi­tion­al data that’s impor­tant to your team.

Try these first:

  • Create a coach-only col­umn for play­er grades.
  • Track quar­ter­back throw­ing ten­den­cies with a text column.
  • Add a Y/N col­umn to track trick plays. 

With more time in your days thanks to Assist, the sky’s the lim­it for how you can use Hudl. Sign up today to bring the pow­er of data to your team.