Fewer players on the field? No problem — leave the stats to us and save your time for your team.

Smaller football teams face unique challenges. Fewer coaches and players means everyone has to do more. From athletes having multiple roles to coaches taking on countless responsibilities, it’s inevitable that some things get overlooked. Especially when it comes to data. Many of these teams have too much on their plate to even track basic (much less advanced) stats.

We want to help.

This season we've launched Assist for 8- and 9-man teams. Submit your games and we'll send back 14 columns of data within 24 hours. Smaller teams and smaller fields won't keep you from having the resources you need to be successful.

How It Works

All we need for Assist to track 8- and 9-man games is for your Hudl account to accurately reflect an 80-yard field. To double-check, tag a seven-yard gain on the -35 yard line. If it still reflects a 100-yard field, reach out to support and we'll make sure your field size is updated.

From there, choose from multiple package options to find the best fit for your team.

Assist Packages

3 Ways Assist Benefits Your Team

With more time and statistics at your disposal, you can improve your team in ways that impact the entire season, from developing your players’ technique or finding holes in your opponent’s game plan. Whatever your focus, Assist is the perfect assistant coach.

Develop your players. 

Whether you have a team of rookies or veterans, you can spend more time on the specific improvements your team needs to make, with the data to help you find them. Maybe it’s teaching the fundamentals of tackling or coaching your athletes on how to read a defense. Or you might have players in multiple positions who need to learn techniques on both sides of the ball. Use the time you save to review video, add personalized notes and help your team develop.

Scout your opponents. 

With an unlimited package, in-depth insight into your opponents' tendencies is possible. You can submit multiple games of your upcoming opponent to Assist and receive detailed data to provide a blueprint of their game plan. Run both default and custom tendency reports to help build your plan of attack. You'll get a feel for what plays your opponent runs and where they’re most efficient.

Add custom data. 

Go further with the data and create custom columns to track specific tendencies of your opponents or to help your team improve. You can track any tendency that stands out to you or additional data that’s important to your team.

Try these first:

  • Create a coach-only column for player grades.
  • Track quarterback throwing tendencies with a text column.
  • Add a Y/N column to track trick plays.

With more time in your days thanks to Assist, the sky’s the limit for how you can use Hudl. Sign up today to bring the power of data to your team.