Edit Video Clips

  1. Log in to Hudl​.com, then hov­er over Video and select Library. 

  2. In the library, select the playlist by click­ing the cir­cle by the playlist’s title.

  3. Hover the mouse over the playlist. Click Modify and select Edit Video in the drop-down.

  4. Use the fol­low­ing tools to edit clips:

    • Trim Clips: Press the 1 key on your key­board to trim the front of the clip and the key to trim the end. This is only avail­able with one angle of video. If you have more than one angle, you can split a clip, then delete the unwant­ed clip.
    • Split Clips: Play the video to the loca­tion of the split, then press Split locat­ed below the video.
    • Delete Clips: Play the clip, then click the trash can icon or Delete locat­ed below the video.
    • Combine Clips: Select the clip then click com­bine above or com­bine below locat­ed below the video.
    • Undo Edit: Click Undo below the video to undo the pre­vi­ous change.

  5. When fin­ished, click Save.