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In this update from the Hudl Next event, Senior Product Director for Elite, Pooja Naidu, showcased some soon-to-be-released features and content for the Wyscout Platform.

Watch the presentation in full here or see the bite-size videos in the blog below.


Wyscout to Hudl Integration

We want to provide you with more value in our Pro Suite, and to stop analysts from wasting a lot of time preparing videos for their work.

We recently launched our Wyscout to Hudl integration solution; you can now send any match footage and XML timeline to your preferred Hudl library in a matter of minutes, ready to be shared with the team and staff or to be sent to Hudl Sportscode.

Exclusive Youth Competitions

Gaining access to footage and data of youth players has always been a big challenge, with many scouts only having one option: to travel around the world to watch specific tournaments, games, and individual players.

Now, you can find the largest number of youth competitions in the world exclusively on the Wyscout Platform, allowing you to keep track of the best young talent in a single place.

Scouting Area Data

In order to produce reporting tailored to their own needs, scouting departments want to combine the subjective reports with objective performance data, to drastically reduce error margins. All in a single dashboard to be shared within the club.

Our Scouting Area APIs allow the export of the last 30 days of player reporting created on the Wyscout Platform: you can now easily export personal data into a centralized database, integrate them with multiple sources of objective data and obtain even more insights on all the players that you're scouting, enabling user-generated content and attached curated data to be ingested into your own bespoke systems.