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Evolution of Sportscode

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Learn More about the Future of Hudl Sportscode and Pro Suite.

Watch Time: 30 Mins

Pro Suite Product Update

Pooja Naidu, Senior Director of Product

Hear the latest updates to the Hudl Pro Suite, your fully integrated suite of high-performance video and data products.

Watch Time: 10 Mins


Austin Fuller, Regional Director, Customer Solutions

Bringing new levels of data-analysis to Hudl Sportscode. Learn how clubs can take advantage of this new solution.

Watch Time: 20 Mins

Data as a Service

Tom Goodall, Senior Solutions Consultant

Future-proofing your football operations with the power of big data. Take a closer look at Data as a Service and learn how clubs can leverage this new service to maximize data in their high performance workflows.

Make Every Moment Count

Here’s how Hudl can take your analysis workflows to the next level.

Roberto Martinez, Technical Director and Head Coach of the Belgian National Team

Hudl at Belgian Pro League

Watch Time: 3 Mins

In this video, learn how the partnership between Hudl and the Belgian FA brought innovation throughout the country, bringing performance analysis at the heart of leagues, clubs, and national team's workflows.

Hudl at Real Salt Lake Club

Watch Time: 3 Mins

In this video, learn how MLS club Real Salt Lake took their match analysis workflows to the next level by adopting Hudl Focus, adding automated capture to provide a seamless and integrated analysis workflows.

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