Wyscout Forum offers a unique chance for clubs and agents to network with global attendees directly involved in the football transfers business.

Strategically scheduled before the beginning of the winter transfer window, Wyscout Forum is a must-attend event for those who want to set negotiations, strengthen business relationships and assert brand recognition worldwide.

The 2019 edition was hosted in the Amsterdam ArenA - home of AFC Ajax - with 140 clubs and over 120 player agencies attending from throughout Europe. 

Wyscout founder Matteo Campodonico outlines how this event is so valuable to the football transfers industry. 

“Lots of players are hidden in the world, sometimes you need agents to find them,” said Campodonico. “So this is the place where you can meet a lot of agents, clubs can meet each other and this is the value. Secondly, in the transfer industry, transfers sometimes are a big process of scouting and recruitment for clubs, but sometimes transfers are a last-minute transfer, so you need to create a network of agents that are trusted people for last-minute transfers.” 

As sports manager at Portugal’s ProEleven Agency, Vasco Casquilho continues to visit the Wyscout Forum due to the excellent networking opportunities available.

“The reason why we keep coming to the Wyscout Forum is because this is one of the best ways for us to get in touch with clubs without actually going there,” said Casquilho. “To be face to face, to network, it’s always worth coming here as we always meet new people. It’s good because \everyone is together talking about the thing we are passionate about, and that is our business and our whole way of life here.”

For Andy Evans from World In Motion Agency, the forum is a great way for his agency to connect with new clubs and old.

“We have attended every Wyscout Forum since its inception and we brought 12 of our agents to this forum,” said Evans. “So we take it seriously as a networking platform as it gives us an excellent platform to meet clubs that we wouldn’t necessarily meet in an ordinary course of business and also reacquaint ourselves with clubs that we meet more frequently. It’s just a really good networking platform for us.”

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