Our latest update will give teams and clubs enhanced athlete performance planning and centralized monitoring.

We’re excited to share a few updates to the WIMU Cloud ecosystem that our team has been working on to elevate the workflow for federations. Coming in update v2.0.37, you’ll gain access to a dedicated federation option, and new advanced player sharing capabilities.

Our latest feature enables federations and leagues to visualize all session and player data, enhancing athlete performance planning and centralized monitoring, while streamlining data sharing between clubs and national teams. Miguel Ángel Casimiro, WIMU Cloud Product Manager

Admin Accounts

With a dedicated federation entity, along with federation admin accounts, your organization can access, view and edit details specific to your federation. This ensures more centralized control and streamlined management of federation-wide data.

Player Sharing

The pivotal feature of this update is the introduction of player sharing by federation admins. With this new account type, it’s now possible to share and unshare players between different teams across multiple clubs within the federation's purview. 

This functionality supports different purposes, including:

  • Inter-club collaboration: It’s now a seamless process to track player sharing between clubs, enhancing strategic team management and player development.
  • National team integration: Enables federations to share players with national teams, fostering a cohesive approach to player utilization at both club and national levels.
  • Historical data management: After unsharing players, federation admins have the flexibility to retain the players’ historical data with the previously shared team, ensuring compliance with privacy and data management policies.

We believe these updates facilitate smoother collaboration across your teams and club, ultimately enhancing performance and efficiency.

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