We have completely redesigned the Hudl Sportscode XMLs export feature on Wyscout, making it much easier for analysis and coaches to save time and fully focus on their analysis.

During Day 2 of Hudl Presents: Performance Analysis 2021, Lead Product Manager for Match Analysis, Paul Arnott focused on our latest updates to the Hudl Pro Suite, detailing new features and functionalities to the Hudl.com platform, Hudl Sportscode, Hudl Replay and Wyscout.

And speaking of Wyscout, that’s one of the key new features that we focused on improving, a feature that will save one of your most valuable resources - time - by taking advantage of the power of our interconnected suite of products, allowing you to dedicate more time to focus on analysis.

This new feature is the enhanced and completely redesigned Hudl Sportscode XMLs export integrated with Wyscout.

Hudl Presents: Performance Analysis 2021 - Hudl Sportscode XMLs export feature on Wyscout

Speed is Everything

When working with high performance workflows, the ability to quickly provide the coaching staff with the information they need - whether it’s clips, data or reports - is one of the most critical aspects of the job. That’s why the need to select, cut, discard and export a specific set of clips often cost analysts much of their valuable time, preventing them to fully focus on the analysis tasks at hand. 

But what if you could streamline your workflow and save hours of your time to better focus on the quality of your analysis? That’s where the power of Hudl’s interconnected suite of products comes into play.

The new exportable XMLs on Wyscout allow analysts and coaches to export the timeline of video events related to a match into Hudl Sportscode in a matter of seconds. It’s a reliable, ready-made tag - fully customizable too - that can guarantee a fast and smooth transition between your tools, allowing you to save a lot of time.

We Tag the Games, You Export Them the Way You Want

The new XML export feature on Wyscout is built to allow you to rely on our match taggers’ work, providing you with a ready-to-use timeline on Hudl Sportscode to start your analysis immediately. But that’s not all, because the XML export feature also allows you to fully customize the way you want the data to be exported, according to your personal workflow, focus or preference.

Here are some of the most important customization options available:

  • Player/team-based data: Choose whether you want to download player-based data or team-based data.
  • Data Formatting: Choose how you want that data to be formatted. That includes, for example, whether you want to include both teams or the color of the team rows. You can configure the prefix for the rows in the timeline. You can additionally choose whether or not to show the shirt number, the team name, or the player ID.
  • Lead and lag time: Control the lead and lag time for all instances in the timeline. By choosing the ‘default length’ option, you will get sensible defaults for each of these rows. If you choose the ‘custom length’ option, you are able to configure both of those values.
  • Labels and instances: You have the option of deciding which subset of data appears as labels on the instances in the timeline.
  • Match download: You get to choose whether to download the XML of the whole game or possibly just one half or the other.

    Note: some of these features are only available with the XML Pro pack.
The new exportable XMLs on Wyscout allow you to export the timeline of video events related to a match into Hudl Sportscode in just a few seconds

Streamline Your Analysis Workflow Today

Just think about all the hours of work that you could save simply by taking advantage of the seamless integration between Wyscout and Hudl Sportscode. We’re happy to announce that the new Hudl Sportscode XMLs export is already available on Wyscout!

You can try this time-saving solution and start to streamline your analysis workflow today. Check out the resources below to know more about the ‘how-to’ of exporting XMLs from Wyscout or watch the full presentation from Hudl Presents: Performance Analysis 2021 to learn more about it.

Eager to know how to get started with Hudl Sportscode XMLs exports from Wyscout? Check out this dedicated tutorial.

Want to start your analysis workflow with Hudl, Hudl Sportscode and Hudl Replay? Get in touch.

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