Our products are all about you, our users. Making your job easier is our number one priority. So when you give us feedback about our features, we listen. And that’s exactly how our newest Insight update came to be.

Before now, when adjusting filters in multiple widgets within a dashboard, Insight users faced a time-consuming task. Each widget had to be changed individually, posing a considerable challenge when dealing with extensive dashboards. 

That’s why we’re excited to introduce our latest update to Insight: dashboard conditions. You’ll now have the ability to make bulk modifications of filters across multiple widgets within a full dashboard. Players, matches, teams, even zones or periods—all can be changed across your dashboard in one go. 

This update will impact multiple workflow scenarios:

  • Recruiters will be able to efficiently build player profiles and change a player across a full dashboard (rather than having to change every widget individually).
  • It will be much easier to change teams or have a look at different functionalities within a game.
  • Both data specialists and performance analysts will be able to perform their tasks more effectively.

Thanks to a more efficient and user-friendly interface, this update will save all users a great deal of time. Watch the step-by-step video below to see the dashboard conditions feature in action.

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